Review: Blink 182//’Heart’s All Gone’.

“Dare we say that Blink 182’s new album is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year?” was our opening gambit as we reviewed the first track posted from their new album, ‘Up All Night’. We stand by that statement: Blink 182’s new record is going to be one of the biggest records of the year. The other question we asked was “Will the album be more of the same or more experimental with sounds?” Thanks to the trio posting a new track - ‘Heart’s All Gone’ – we think we can now answer that.

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Review: Blink 182 //’Up All Night’.

Dare we say that Blink 182’s new album is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year? Well, it’s true. After a long wait for fans, the pop-punk threesome have dropped the first hint of what to expect with their three minute track ‘Up All Night’ and, quite frankly, it doesn’t necessarily give much away.
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Can A Drummer Get Some?//Travis Barker review.

To most, Travis Barker is a pop-punk icon but in a side-step from Blink-182 he has been working on an ambitious solo album aiming to flaunt his eclectic influences. With an impressive list of collaborators including Tom Morello, Lil Wayne and Corey Taylor, Barker has definitely left expectations high for his upcoming album Give The Drummer Some.

His newest offering ‘Can a Drummer Get Some?’ is set to be the official first single of the album. Featuring hip hop heavyweights Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, The Game and Swizz Beatz the song is undoubtedly a far cry from the rockier sound we are accustomed to hearing from Barker.

Each guest star takes the mike for a verse, excluding Swizz Beatz who repeats the title line that will inevitably get jammed in your head long after you’ve heard this song.

It’s unsurprising that the focal point of the track is Barker’s fresh beats that he has laid out. This is set to be an epic, having two main points: showcasing Barker’s versatile drum stylings and presenting an array of differing collaborations.

Travis has always been open about his varying musical influences and this is definitely a song that shows his capabilities to adapt. Although other songs have been posted, this being the first ‘official’ single indicates the desire to do something different with this album. Without a doubt this is a very catchy and great track, one that not only does a great justice to his rap influences, but sets the bar for the rest of his album exceedingly high.

Listen to Travis Barker’s new single.

Although Travis has had a couple of songs posted already (Carry It for example), ‘Can the Drummer Get Some’ is the official first single from his solo album ‘Give the Drummer Some’, expected for release on March 15th. You can listen to his single featuring Lil Wayne, The Game, Rick Ross & Swizz Beatz below.