Review: Frank Iero and The Patience – The Garage, Aberdeen – 12th October 2017

Mere minutes after doors opened, Dutch trio Paceshifters (★★) were on stage filling The Garage with a grunge sound inspired by the Seattle sounds of 20 years ago. Unfortunately, only the few die-hard fans were there to catch the start of their set, with more punters slowly filtering through as the band played Nirvana cover – Territorial Pissings. Perhaps it was the early time slot, or perhaps it was the near-generic grunge sound the band presented, but as they closed their set, there didn’t seem to be any lasting impression left.

It only took moments for The Homeless Gospel Choir (★★★) to take to the stage. Armed with only an acoustic guitar and a flower-covered shirt, Derek Zanetti blasted through a short but sweet set. Full of anti-establishment folk-punk, speeches about finding salvation in punk rock and the need for gigs to be open and free of prejudice, the singer-song writer had Aberdeen cheering and clapping after every song. With a set featuring songs from new album “…Presents Normal”, THGC was able to introduce every song as “a protest song,” yet still inject levity to the performance with punchlines both in and out of the tracks.

As soon as Dave Hause & The Mermaid (★★★★) hit the stage, the energy in The Garage sky rocketed. Bringing their own brand of folk-punk, like a cross between Frank Turner and Bruce Springsteen, to Aberdeen, Dave Hause managed to maintain these high energy levels. Between the whole band giving it their all and the crowd responding in spades, Dave Hause even managed to introduce a cover as a punk song, then proceeded to play Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time. The response Aberdeen were giving to the Philly singer-songwriter was best exhibited when he asked the crowd to stick up their middle fingers to Donald Trump, and Aberdeen obliged as the band dove in to Dirty Fucker. As the set came to a close, the last song was dedicated to Frank Iero, perfectly setting up the headliner while drawing the support sets to a close.

As the final line checks were performed, screams were heard from the crowd whenever anyone graced the stage. The anticipation was building. Then all of a sudden, the lights dimmed and the crowd exploded in cheers and screams as the bass rumbles of the Interstellar theme filled the venue. Frank Iero & The Patience (★★★★★) wasted no time. As soon as the band entered the stage, they blasted through the opening of their set, including World Destroyer, Veins! Veins!! Veins!!! and Weighted, without pausing for breath. Running all over the stage and getting the crowd to clap along as if his life depended on it, both frontman and band were determined to put on a night to remember – Frank was giving it his all as the band played fan favourite I’m A Mess. After a very Iero-esque cover of The Beatles’ Helter Skelter, the headliners ripped through No Fun Club and Dear Percocet… before a massive finish with standout track from last years Parachutes, Oceans. As the hum and feedback of guitars signalled an end to the night, it was clear from the sweat soaked t-shirts that Frank Iero & The Patience had achieved what they were determined to do.

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