Review: Busted – AECC GE Oil & Gas Arena, Aberdeen – 24th February 2017

It’s the night of the most northern date of the Night Driver Tour, and the crowd have been chilled to the bone. Icy winds have blasted through the crowds as they made their way into the venue. It’s not an easy job to warm up a crowd so cold, but Natives (★★★★) put their game faces on and set to work.

Their energetic sound of “tribal pop” sends out pounding beats that ease the crowd into the rhythm of their set and by the third song, Passion, Natives have requested a full on dance competition. Challenge set, the crowd are throwing out their best moves with all the passion they have, now sweating instead of shivering. The band match their energy and bounce and throw themselves around the stage with smiles on their faces. Everyone warmed up? Thoroughly. Job well done, Natives.

A glance around the room shows the impact Busted (★★★★★) had on the world when they first appeared on the music scene way back in 2000. People who were teenagers fifteen years ago buzz with the same excitement as the fifteen year olds in the front row.

The lights go down as futuristic beams of light glitter along the back of the stage. Striding out to the sound of euphoric screams are the silhouettes of James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson, who pause for a moment to take it all in before the pulsing beat of Kids With Computers kicks everyone into action. Followed swiftly by Thinking Of You and On What You’re On, Busted have the room bouncing around the palms of their hands with their new synth-infused pop rock anthems.

Older songs Air Hostess and Nerdy send the crowd into overdrive, whilst blending in seamlessly with newer tracks such as Without It. Although the set is peppered with nostalgia, the older material has been given a new life – one notable moment being Charlie Simpson’s Fighstar-esque roar at the climax of 3AM.

As the set draws to a close with Year 3000 and the band take their exit, the room is screaming for more. Busted happily oblige and return to the stage with the song that started it all, What I Go To School For. Finally, they close the night with their comeback hit Coming Home and Those Days Are Gone. Busted gave the crowd everything they wanted and ended the show looking to the future, which looks brighter than ever.

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