Review: Bring Me The Horizon – O2 Arena, London – 5th November 2016

20161105_212132Just when some thought Bring Me The Horizon couldn’t up their game having already sold out the likes of Wembley Arena, and having performed with an orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall of all places, they only went and sold out London’s O2 arena TWICE. Celebrating both Halloween and Bonfire night down south, we were lucky enough to check out Saturday night’s show, and what a show it was.

Openers, Ipswich based Basement (***), had the amazing opportunity of performing on this famous stage unfortunately to a disappointing sized crowd, as fans were still battling their way through the heightened security to get their spot inside. Luckily this didn’t put them off their pace and they did all they could to impress tonight with Andrew‘s vocals completely on point. Continuing with the British theme of this tour, main support has come from local lads Don Broco (***), who despite sounding hard and heavy with tracks such as Priorities, Everybody, and Superlove have a poorly Rob Damiani, who in spite of the sore throat, has more energy than a child on a sugar overdose. Money, Power, Fame brought their set to an end and with the crowd looking pretty pumped up, meant everyone was ready for the Sheffield group to come out.

Having risen through the ranks and battled many a demon, Bring Me The Horizon (*****) seem stronger than ever tonight and are using a production with enough lights and graphics to challenge the likes of Muse, who we all know has a live show that gets you talking for years after. Happy Song appears to be a great way to open arenas around the world and tonight is no different; House of Wolves, Shadow Moses and Sleepwalking are just a few that have the crowd singing so loud it could probably be heard from across the water. As what could be seen as a disappointing direction for older fans, Chelsea Smile is the only track played from the early days of the bands career as the set focuses heavily on the latest three records, but considering it’s the past few albums that have sky rocketed them to where they are now, wouldn’t you be doing the same?

Avalanche, Doomed and Follow You may help calm the pace down a tad, but pits continue to form regardless and with Antivist ensuring complete chaos every time, it’s sure to be a song that won’t be leaving the band’s set any time soon. With Throne and Drown bringing both the set and the encore to its close, it’s a sure bet that with a performance like this, it won’t be long before Bring Me The Horizon are headlining festivals around the world. Bravo lads, bravo.

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