Review: The Turn – Live.

liveFinding success with a new album seems to get harder with each release, with music constantly changing around you and people constantly comparing any new output to its predecessor, with the added pressure of ubiquitous scrutiny surrounding a band should they dare to have lineup changes. The Turn is Live’s eighth album. The pressure’s on.

The album begins with the dark and groovy Siren’s Call, with Chris Shinns’ stepping up to his role as vocalist for the band since hiatus and Ed Kowalczyk’s departure. Shinns’ vocals are at home in the band, at times reaching epic heights not too dissimilar to the acclaimed Myles Kennedy and sounding stylistically comparable to James Michael of Sixx:AM.

Natural Born Killers is Live at their most haunting and their most anthemic. The Strength To Hold On is one of the better moments on the album; somber post-grunge at its finest with one hell of a crescendo.

Perhaps, retrospectively, it will appear that lineup changes may have been the breath of life that Live needed (no pun intended). Few bands in the alternative or post-grunge genres seem to show any sign of breaking the mold, but if you’re looking for something as dark and 1990s as an episode of Twin Peaks, you’re in luck.


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