Review: Judas Priest – nTelos Wireless Pavillion, Portsmouth VA – 25th October 2014

Judas Priest

Judas Priest have been blessing our eardrums with heavy metal for over forty years. Aside from being the benchmark for the genre for many metal fans, they’re known for their incredible musicianship and Rob Halford’s theatrical vocal performances. Paired with Steel Panther on this tour, both classic metal fans and glam rock revellers were in for a serious treat.

If you are offended in any way by Steel Panther (★★★★★), then it’s fair to say you do not fully understand Steel Panther. They are rude, crude, lewd, and ostentatiously hilarious, but that’s their whole point. They lovingly mock the bands we clamored over in the late 80s and early 90s, like Poison, Motley Crüe, and Whitesnake, but they’re also incredible musicians, which was obvious during this set. They played through Pussywhipped, Just Like Tiger Woods, and Community Property during a high-energy set full of great stage banter and playful mocking of the crowd. Michael Starr’s vocals were amazing, and Lexxi Foxxx, Satchel, and Stix Zadinia played an amazing set from beginning to end.

It was a bit intimidating to be in the same place as Judas Priest (★★★★★) knowing they’ve been putting out amazing music longer than some of us have existed, but that all washed away after a few songs and coming to terms with their greatness. From the moment the curtain dropped and the lights came up, Rob Halford had everyone in his pocket. The band played through Love Bites, Turbo Lover, Redeemer of Souls among a myriad of their biggest hits. The crowd spent the entire show on their feet, and were right with the band for every second of the show. There was no need, or time, for witty stage banter, when the band still had Jawbreaker and Breaking the Law to go on their marathon set. Judas Priest is every bit as metal now as they were decades ago and that’s saying something considering how many of their peers have faded into obscurity. This show, thanks to great music and flawless musicianship, was easily one of the highlights of the 2014 concert season.

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