Interview: Andreas Moe, 21st September 2014.


Having been hand-picked to tour the country in support of the brilliant Lewis Watson this autumn, it’s no surprise that everyone wants a piece of brilliant up-and-coming singer-songwriter Andreas Moe. We caught up with him just after his set at Southampton’s Talking Heads last weekend.

Indulge Sound: So, how do you think the show went tonight?

Andreas Moe: I think it went well. As a support act, you’re not always expecting full houses because you’re on before the main act, but it was really cool. It was packed and there was a great response and a cool crowd. It seems to be a really nice audience here and there’s a great following, people seem to be very kind, humble and up for new music which is cool.

IS: For people who maybe don’t know who you are, could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you started off originally?

AM: I’m from Stockholm. I started music when I was 12, playing the guitar and just practising lots. It was the one thing I wanted to do, you know, play the guitar, and I wanted to become the best guitar player in the world. That’s really all I did until I was, like, sixteen and I first heard John Mayer through a friend, and immediately I was blown away, so I bought my first acoustic guitar and just started writing songs.

You know, I started writing pop songs, singer-songwriter songs, and that led me into song writing in a way that I’ve never written songs before. I signed my first deal with a publishing company in the UK, which was a big step. It was a milestone for me as an artist, and as a songwriter, to be able to be in the UK for a whole week every month and just write and work with great producers and songwriters. And from there I’ve just continued doing my thing, you know, I just write songs and build my profile and create awareness, taking it slowly.

And then I’ve been doing collaborations with DJs and House producers and I’ve been singing on their tracks and writing top lines and, just, you know. But it’s not my ‘world’ in any way, it’s not where I want to be, it’s not where my heart is. This is exactly what I want to do, I want it to be me and my guitar and my band onstage. Unfortunately the band couldn’t come on this tour so it’s just me and my kick drum!

IS: You just cited John Mayer as an influence of yours, so how did you find supporting him in June at the O2 Arena?
He’s my hero. He’s always been there as an inspiration and it was just a real dream come true when I heard I was gonna support him and share a stage with him. It was just insane, I can’t even begin to describe how it felt.

IS: Was it different performing in front of such a massive audience that you aren’t normally used to?
AM: I dunno, I didn’t really find it hard, but it was just very, very different. You know, I’m used to pubs! I’m used to The Queen’s Head and The Slaughtered Lamb in London so I’m like ‘Okay, this is different. This is 20,000 people at the O2. How am I going to handle this?’. But, you know what? I was well prepared. I had my band and they were all amazing, the team around me were really supportive and everyone was so cool. It was very positive and I was just so happy to be able to do it.

IS: You’ve achieved quite a lot of success over in Europe over the past few years – how does it feel to finally be breaking the UK?
AM: Bringing my music abroad has always been a dream. It feels great to finally take that step, and, you know, it just feels like it’s going in the right direction. It’s great. I’ve always wanted to take my music here and build my project here. I don’t know what it is about the UK, but there’s something cool about it. I like the vibe! Stockholm’s a great place to be as an artist and producer and songwriter, but there’s just something different.

IS: Have you noticed any big differences between the music scene over here and the scene back in Stockholm?
AM: I think there are more venues here in the UK. It seems like there are always places to perform and there are always people at the shows and everyone’s just up for new music. Everyone’s listening and everyone’s taking it in, and they’re all giving it a chance. I wouldn’t say that Stockholm isn’t like that, but I’ve played more here than I have there which is a bit weird. It’s just different, I can’t really describe what it is.

IS: Your music is obviously all really personal to you, where do you find your inspiration when you’re writing songs?
AM: Yeah they’re all very personal. I rarely make up stories – it doesn’t have to be my story, but it could be about a friend or a family member, and as long as I know the concept of the story and I can relate to it, that’s cool. My first EP Collecting Sunlight was all about one girl, and every song is about her. I can’t write about anything other than love, I think. It’s love songs.

IS: Finally, what have you got lined up for the next few months?
AM: I’m going to do this tour until October 5th, and then I’m going back to Sweden to continue my Backyard Tour. I’m doing this tour where I’m basically taking my concerts to people’s backyards, and it’s all very personal and genuine. I’m just going to keep building my profile, creating awareness and just doing my thing. I never really stop writing and working – that’s all I know!

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