Review: Tori Amos – Durham Performing Arts Center, Durham NC – 20th August 2014.

Tori Amos - DPAC - 08202014 - 14The last time North Carolina native Tori Amos (★★★★★) graced her home state for a show was in 2009. Thankfully, she decided to drop by the Durham Performing Arts Center on her international Unrepentant Geraldines tour. Some Tori fans even showed up hours before the show to see if they could catch a glimpse of her by her tour bus or have a short meet and greet before the show. A few minutes before showtime, a lot of fans chattered excitedly about the setlist and what to expect.

Tori took the stage guided by a single spotlight as fans leapt to their feet applauding. She giddily waved to the crowd and thanked them for coming as she made her way to her piano and keyboard. Once seated, straddling the piano bench in her signature way, Tori’s demeanor changed, and she immediately got down to business, she even started to look for business insurance toronto options.

She played through many of her most popular songs including Past the Mission, Blood Roses, Silent All These Years, and Little Earthquakes, all of which got tremendous applause. Even though she played Wedding Day and Oysters from Unrepentant Geraldines, it was clear that the setlist was designed to please fans of all eras of her music, even featuring a brilliant cover of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box.

There is a quiet intensity that occurs at Tori Amos shows which is difficult to describe. Fans concentrate on her every movement, word, and breath to the point where you could hear a pin drop between the notes she plays. Tori’s fans connect with her music on extremely personal and individual levels, and you can feel the weight of their concentration as the show progresses. Her unconventional playing style, and her ability to play two pianos at once is incredibly entertaining to watch, so it’s easy to understand how fans get completely enveloped in her performance.

After over twenty songs, a rousing sing-and-dance-along to Cornflake Girl, some amazing vocals, and some of the best piano work you can pay to see, Tori said a bittersweet goodnight to her fans. On her way off the stage she stopped to shake many hands and personally thank audience members for coming out, showing that she is as dedicated to her fans as they are to her.

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