Review: 3 Doors Down – Durham Performing Arts Center, Durham NC – 17th August 2014.

3 Doors Down - DPAC - 08172014 - 103 Doors Down (★★★★★) embarked on the Songs from the Basement tour to shine a fresh light on their existing music for the public, and show us how their creative process works. This is, by no means, your typical acoustic show, because the band furnished the stage with things you might find in a typical basement, and invited select fans to sit on comfy couches on the stage during the performance. Shows do not really get much more down to earth than that, and this band put on a warm, inviting set to go with their on-stage vibe.

Early on in the show, after Let Me Be Myself, Brad Arnold told the crowd that he wanted everyone to feel like this is a band practice. Everyone in the band was relaxed and easy going, and they shared some insight into the songs and the band as the show progressed. Brad explained that the song Let Me Go was composed for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (2004) based on the cafe scene. The song was not picked up for the movie, but it went on to become a hit despite that.

Before Pieces of Me, Brad confessed that he quit drinking three weeks ago (to the day), and this song is about a person’s weaknesses, making it pertinent to his life right now. The band also announced that they were planning to record a new record in Nashville before playing I Don’t Wanna Know, a new, up-tempo, danceable song, which delighted a lot of fans.

The band went on to play through some of their biggest hits including Loser, Kryptonite, Here Without You, and When I’m Gone. They also played a brilliant cover of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters near the end of their set, which was surprising and entertaining. Brad Arnold’s vocals were tremendous throughout the set, and the band was spot on for every song.

By the end of the show virtually everyone was on their feet dancing and singing along. 3 Doors Down invited us into their basement, and showed us a more intimate, creative side of their work. The insight into the songs, the band members, and the warmth of the experience made this a night that we will not soon forget.

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