Five: Bands to catch at Warped Tour!

Their debut album has set them on the map over here in the UK and Tyler Carter is becoming one of those guys in terms of drawing undisputed fandom and respect in fronting them. And, suitably, they’re one of those bands, if the term is one that suits a band that brings such excitement via their music, such presence via their live shows, that you at least fleetingly recapture that excitement that drew you to music in the first place.

robRob Lynch
When we caught him on the Vans Warped Acoustic Basement Tour (*and breathe*) earlier this year, Rob proved a high point with his spectrum ranging from a tongue-in-cheek number about getting beaten up by chavs wearing  Christmas jumpers, to a heartfelt and moving song about the death of his father. With loyal fans or newcomers, he proves a performer who’s easy to connect to.

Neck Deep
You know when you have to big up your own country’s talent when they’re playing State-side because they’re completely boss, and you want more people to check ’em out? That. Neck Deep snagged a great review at Slam Dunk from us, with the suggestion they “could probably sit onstage and knit a scarf in silence and people would still go batshit crazy over them.” So, go find out for yourself.

emilieEmilie Autumn
Let’s face it, she’s not your typical Warped Tour act. She’s not really a band, or an acoustic performer, nor is she sweaty or T-shirt clad, demanding pits of some sort. But she is threatrical, different, unique. Victoriandustrial at its finest, she’s definitely a buck to the trend of your average day at the festival.

Falling In Reverse
Love them or hate them, they seem to be the band on everyone’s lips, and curiosity often gets the better of even the most strident of opponents. Having said that, we’ve heard crazy things about their live show (good in presence, bad with certain incidents), so it oddly makes them a must see for many. So, yeah?

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