Interview: EofE – April 2014.

eofeIt’s almost like a Cinderella story of the musical kind. EofE were young, taking their tentative steps into being a band and making their own waves, and then they submitted their music for the McBusted tour. And now, they’re still young, still all of the above, but now – now – they’re on a country-wide tour playing to tens of thousands of potential new fans. Their big break has come early.

Technical issues might have stopped their first night of tour, but ahead of Glasgow’s 2nd evening, they’re ready and raring to go as we catch up with them roadside.

IS: How are you looking forward to the tour?
Tom Harris (vocals): Yeah, really looking forward to the tour.
Dan Bremner (guitar): Yeah. It’s real now, you know, its happening. Think we’re starting to make it.
Nicky Waters (drums): Being on stage really helps, you know.

IS: How does that compare to the shows you played before? As they’ve obviously been a lot smaller than this.
NW: It’s military precision. Like, if you’re doing a pub gig or a club it’s a bit more relaxed, but it’s good to be a part of a show like this.
DB: Yeah, ’cause everyone gets into it a lot more and there’s people getting their bits wrong, whereas before everyone just turns up and no one really knows what they are doing and here they’re like “You go there and give me that sound”. As you said, it’s a bit more military.

IS: What do you think McBusted fans should expect from your show?
TH: Lots of energy a very visual show like loads of punchy edgy guitars, sing alongs, jump around go crazy and good fun.
TH: We like to have a good time on stage and we like to show that. We like them to have a good time as well.

IS: How would you say that your music differs from theirs?
Luke Bradley (bass): It’s a lot more guitar driven, a lot more riff driven, a lot more rocky. It’s still got that energy that they have – different, though – but its a good gig for us to be on because we can get their fans.
TH: It’s their kind of fans we want to get because they’ve been following them all around the country for 10 years. That’s what we want as well.

IS: What made you submit your music for this tour, so early into your time? A lot of bands would have held off until they’d had more under their belts.
LB: It seemed a good laugh really. [laughs]
TH: We thought we were ready to step into the big boys leagues.
LB: We applied for a lot, but this was the biggest, and it was the one that got back to us!
DB: It was the one we were holding out for cause it’s the same sort of music but we are heavier.

IS: How did you react when you found you had been picked for the tour?
NW: Screaming!
DB: Jumping up and down…
TH: Hugging.
NW: There was a lot of “Really? Really?”
DB: And then an hour after we had a few beers. It still seems very surreal but at that moment it was very weird.
TH: Eespecially when we saw them in the canteen earlier as well. Fangirled a bit!

IS: Were yous Busted or McFly fans growing up?
TH: I saw them when McFly supported Busted.
DB: My first ever concert was Busted supported by McFly and now we’re playing with them. It’s very weird.

IS: Any covers in tonight’s set?
TH: Our opening track is a mash up of two of them but we’re not giving anything away you’ll just have to see!

IS: Why do you choose to do so many covers as well as your own music? You do a higher than average amount.
LB: Its a reference point really. It gets people hooked easier because if you’re playing a song and they like it they might not react, where as if its a cover they like they’ll listen to your other songs after.
DB: We do like to change the covers up as well to things that they want to hear.
TH: Which people appreciate as well.

IS: What’s been your favourite cover so far?
NW: I like the one we are doing tonight, which I can’t tell you. [laughs]
DB: The Dirty Diana one’s pretty sweet.
LB: We do a Led Zeppelin one. That’s cool.

IS: Are there any in particular you’re antsy to cover in future?
NW: There’s probably loads – too long to list.
TH: Any Maroon 5 song. Anything that’s good sounding.
DB: As long as we’re all happy to do it. We do a cover Wednesday and ask the fans to do an EofE cover request. We pick the best and the ones that have the most requests.

IS: You’ve got a single out at the end of the tour – is there any other plans for new music?
NW: We’ve got a lot planned and we are writing a lot on the tour. It’s lot of motivation and inspiration on the bus, meeting all sorts of people. So, it’s a lot of inspiration to write new music and as soon as we are back we have got studio time booked so hopefully gonna get a lot done. Hopefully.
DB: Yeah. We got six songs already recorded in the studio and we got plans for other we haven’t got anything set in stone.

IS: Is that what fans should look out for after the tour or do you have anything else planned?
LB:We will be doing some more touring but we haven’t got it established yet.
TH: We don’t know if its a main support with a more established act or a headline tour around some of the Academies, but we are just letting this sink in.
LB: If we’re any good, I guess we’ll get out!

IS: Anything you’d like to add for current fans, or any you’re soon to pick up?
TH: If you wanna check out anything you hear tonight go on and theres a free download of Kiss Me Like You Mean It. Also check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
NW: We are very active on there as well. People ask us questions a lot and we respond!

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