Interview: DayShell – April 2014.

034B1188Supporting a band with a loyal fanbase can be daunting, but it’s an experience Dayshell are happy to take on. The venues are bigger, the distance from the crowd is greater, but they’re taking on sold out shows around the country with gusto. Before their Glasgow show, we stopped in for a chat with vocalist Shayley.

Indulge Sound: So the end of 2013 saw the release of your album – now that it’s been out for a few months how do you feel audiences have reacted to it?
Shayley Bourget (vocals): I feel very thankful, you know? It was a very scary decision in my life to take a step back from a band that I built for three years and do this, but it was totally worth it. There’s so many kids out there that appreciate decent music now – I don’t feel like I write the best but, decent, and they appreciate it – so I’m pretty thankful for that.

IS: What song are you most proud of?
SB: Lyrically, there’s a song called A Waste Of Space. It’s not a song I wrote about myself or anything I went through, it’s actually a song my bass player went through and he wrote the music to that song acoustically. His girlfriend ripped his heart out – they’d been dating for four years and she just broke up with him out of thin air. He was so torn and I was like “Dude, I hate to bring it up but I need to get in your head, this is good shit. Right now is the prime time, you know? Get it while it’s hot”.

But he didn’t really give me anything, I just watched him from afar. Watched how he acted and felt, things he chose to do – kinda related it to things that I’ve gone through. My first heartbreak I was in high school and I invested everything into it. You’re so stupid, you just put all your emotions into it and you just get them shattered – it’s like your mom dying or something. It’s like fuck. So lyrically that’s the song I’m most proud of.

Lyrically and musically, another one would probably be Avatar. I think it’s a beautiful song, it has a good meaning and just a beautiful atmosphere.

IS: Is it fun to play live?
No. It’s one of the most difficult songs in the world to sing, plus this will be the fifth time I’ve ever sang this song tonight and my voice sucks when I hit the highest note in the song on the chorus repeated, so we’ll see what happens.

IS: Are there any fan favourite songs that have surprised you?
SB: Yeah actually. There’s a song called Hail To The King. I hate it and wish I’d never put it on the album because I just don’t like it. It was a song I was gonna do just for the sake of it and it ended up reaching the album, then when we released the album everybody’s been latching on to that song and loves it so much, and the song is just stupid. It has no meaning, it’s just talking shit about “oh this girl’s stupid” and that’s not something I sing about, I was just having fun with the song. The lyrics are so… stupid. On top of it we have to play it live now, and it’s a very difficult song to sing too. I don’t like it.

IS: How are the Halestorm fans reacting to you?
SB: I’d say a good 20% of them are enjoying us, but there’s a lot of people and most of them are here for one reason – to see Halestorm. When we play some of them turn their heads and they’re like “Ooh what is this, I’m actually stoked I came early”. There’s a lot of older people here too and I was hoping they would like our music, cause I feel we have that kind of musical vibe. I guess they’re acting okay. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

IS: How does this tour differ from the last time you played in the UK?
SB: It’s very different. It’s not as intimate as the last tour that we did in the UK. We could play a show and then just hang out with every single person for hours, if we wanted to. Have conversations, talk and chill – really personal and I really enjoy that. I have more fun and I feel like I’m doing something right. Here I get off stage and not one person recognizes me, not one person gives a shit. It’s just weird because I’m not used to it. I’ve never played something this big and the barrier’s so far away I can’t touch them, and if I jump down the stage is so high and I’m not that tall, so I really gotta work to get back up on stage.

IS: What do you do on days off on tour?
SB: This tour has the most days off on tour I’ve ever had in my whole career. There’s 20 shows in 30 days, so we have ten days off spread out throughout the tour. Usually I tour and I would get maybe three days off, and that’s if I’m lucky.

IS: Are you taking up the chance to explore the cities you’re in?
SB: We’ve explored a lot. We walk around and see a lot of beautiful things. Driving, we have huge windows. The last tour we were on we were on a bus and we didn’t have windows, so we were just like “Oh we’re here, there’s Burger King down the street” that’s about it. I would love to if I had more time. It’s a little more laid back when you’re in the States or on a smaller tour but this is very important that we have to be on our A game, working as hard as we possibly can. Otherwise, we shouldn’t be here – we don’t deserve it.

IS: You’re confirmed to play Warped this summer, what are you most looking forward to about that? Any bands you’ll be checking out?
SB: There’s not a single band that I care to listen to on that tour – but I respect them for what they do. That kinda sucks because the last year there was a few bands that I wish were on this year that I would have loved, but this year’s just scene, screamo bands left and right. I guess the thing I’m most looking forward to is the growth, the response and the opportunity.

IS: Have you noticed a difference between the UK and US crowds?
SB: Well, the accents are different for sure. UK kids I think know that it’s almost priceless for them to able to see the band that they like, because who knows when they’re gonna be back? They grasp on to it as hard as they possibly can and savor the moment and it really makes you feel like… cool. It’s rad, like I’m doing something. In the States – I’m not cutting them short at all – they have the same amount of love, but they know they’re gonna see me again. I’m right down the street pretty much. But as long as we’re in a band we’re gonna tour.

IS: What’s next for Dayshell in 2014?
SB: Things I cannot say, unfortunately. Really good things. Things that are gonna benefit us. But until then…

IS: Anything else you’d like to add, a message for the fans?
SB: Love you, thank you, see you soon!

Photos: Dayshell – 5th April 2014.
Review: Dayshell – 5th April 2014.

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