Review: Halestorm – O2 ABC, Glasgow – 5th April 2014.

034B1459The silent disco effect was in play tonight in Glasgow, as the supports found themselves only making waves on sections of the audience not tuned into ‘bar’ or ‘general chit chat’.

The Smoking Hearts (★★★) had a catchy set to a growing crowd, while Dayshell () battled through throat issues for a more aggressive set. Both had their own few bopping along before them, but even on demand for the whole room to raise their arms, only a central cluster did.

It seems there is one reason for this: there was only one frequency many wanted to hear, as proven by yet another sold out show under their belts. As Halestorm (★★★★) sauntered on stage to open with I Miss The Misery, all those who almost hid in the shadows before suddenly leapt to life.

Love Bites (So Do I) through Freak Like Me had the ABC moving in all the ways those before them had merely aspired to, while their cover of Dio‘s Straight Through The Heart proved their penchant for a good ol’ cover was justified.

It’s clear by now that Halestorm are a classic band in influence; so many throw themselves around the stage, using energy for entertainment but with each of Lzzy’s crouched stomps and head juts, the old school rock ‘n’ roll presence dominated. An Axl Rose snake hip and Angus Young kick and she’d probably have bingo, and with the others’ stomps down and Arejay’s drum twirls on point, they’re all pretty close.

Girls aspiring to be Lzzy, through grown men appreciating the brilliance of their music, this show sees all ages and styles catered for with ease. Few could picture Daft Punk‘s Get Lucky as a Xena-esque battle cry, but they made it happen and it’s a live delight to behold in their closing moments.

They sold out last time, they upgraded and did it again. To say they’ll upgrade and sell out again is not farfetched in the slightest, because the moment that first rasped note clattered around the ABC against their heaviest of riffs, it proved exactly why their rise is far, far from over.

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