Track Premiere: For The Sake of Murder – Chasing Dragons.

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Get to know a little more about their upcoming album Checkmate below while you listen…

Tones of Avenged Sevenfold guitar work and Halestorm topped with Laurie ‘Tank’ Carnan’s powerhouse vocals, this is a track with a high level of craft, and a big dose of swagger. But how about the song told by the band themselves:

For The Sake Of Murder is actually the last track we wrote for Checkmate. The song itself is meant as a bit of a tease.. To lull you into that false sense of security before it’s followed (on Checkmate) by The Last Defence. The lyrics are about desire, but the kind of desire that gets you in trouble. Sometimes people go just a little too far…”

chasingIS: How did you approach the writing and recording of Checkmate?
CD: Checkmate is a rebirth for us. Prior to Summer 2013 we had a lot of line up changes and turmoil in the band. Writing Checkmate was the embodiment of us finally being able to breathe. To be us… To purge the virus and rise up and strike. We wrote it in the months from May to November 2013 and spent a lot of time working and reworking on it before heading to Regal House to record.

IS: Going into the process, was there a particular sound or narrative you had in mind? Did that change over the process?
CD: When we turned up and Lee (producer) listened to the demos we’d got down, he kind of sighed a bit of relief as he said “Actually, I don’t think we’re going to have to change too much” which was great to hear. So what you’re listening to is the much more embellished versions of the skeletons we took to him that first day. We wanted it to be us, we wanted it to be powerful and we wanted it to be alive. That ideal never changed.

IS: How did you find working with Lee Batiuk? What did he bring to the process?
CD: Lee is one of those rare people that is both an incredible producer and an extremely talented musician- there isn’t an instrument he can’t play! He also happens to be one of the nicest and easiest-to-work-with guys we’ve come across in this industry. It’s so great when you go to record and the producer not only listens to what you’re playing, but learns it, understands it and enables it to be the best that it can be. Lee’s put in so much hard work to Checkmate and it shows in every song.

IS: What were the main influences – musical or otherwise – on members on the record?
CD: As individuals we actually have very varied music tastes… Which can sometimes mean that we butt heads on things, but it’s more of a blessing than a curse; each of us has brought something different and somehow when it all came together, it seemed to feel like home. We’re influenced by many bands that range from Jettblack to The Offspring, Halestorm to Say Anything. Everything we encounter can cause inspiration and you never really know what’s going to strike when.

IS: What song are you proudest of on the record, and why?
CD: This is probably the first record we can honestly say that we’re proud of in its entirety… Although if we have to choose, then it’d be Broken Jaws. The song is the epitome of Checkmate and is what we’re all about; solidarity, loyalty and not being afraid to be who we are.

IS: Overall, how would you describe the album?
CD: Our mandate. It’s exactly who we are and what we want to write, right now. “We strive, we will fight, we’ll survive.”

IS: What should fans expect from the band in the rest of 2014?
CD: 2014 will see us touring Checkmate as heavily as possible. Our single Broken Jaws will be available as of May 5th 2014 to buy directly from us at and our music video for it will be along swiftly after that. Checkmate itself will be released the following month and our tour commences shortly afterwards. We hope meet many new faces in the wake of this album and really hope they all enjoy the record as much as we do.

This is just the start…

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