Review: Miles Kane – Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh – 21st March 2014.

Miles (18)It’s a pretty unusual feeling to find a Slayer crowd calmer than your current surroundings, but March 21st proved a night of revelations. As Miles Kane () rolled into Edinburgh, he was set to show that you don’t need to shred to create anarchy.

Inhaler kicked off a sixteen-song set with the kind of ferocity that sees barriers crushed and stage invasions unstoppable, yet the compact metal wall stood surprisingly strong. See, since the Picture House closed and Edinburgh lost its best venue to a Wetherspoons, there’s been a mass exodus of bands to Glasgow. How lucky it is that some acts are willing to stick it out in smaller venues.

Through Kingcrawler and First of  My Kind, the audience barely stopped for breath. Drinks were flung joyously into the sky, arms slung loftily around fellow gig-goers as throats were stripped raw from avid singalongs. It’s an overwhelming energy, with the band almost challenging the crowd to outstrip their own vigour.

Miles’ name found itself slotted neatly into the typical ‘here we fucking go’ chant, echoing the compact room on countless occasions. Set highlight Give Up segued neatly into a brief Sympathy for the Devil snippet, before tailing the main set with Rearrange and Come Closer.

Chants and cries erupted as the stage was emptied, an encore deemed absolutely necessary. Closing with an acoustic Colour of the Trap and Don’t Forget Who You Are, Miles Kane and co proved that Edinburgh still has the capability of hosting some of the best and brightest of music.

The Picture House? Yeah, we’re still pissed that such a good venue is gone. It’s clear that Miles could have easily filled that too. But here, at least, the explosive brilliance of his music and live presence was put under a microscope. Tiny venue, no place to hide, this sweatfest proved to even a newcomer that he is something sensational.

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