Review: Albion – Ginger Wildheart.

albionYou’d think that after almost two decades producing bloody brilliant rock ‘n’ roll, Ginger Wildheart might want to put his feet up for a bit, but no! Why rest when you’ve still got it? On Albion, that’s exactly what he proves; age means nothing when you know how to write, record and produce top class rock music.

When an intro sounds like the School of Rock theme tune, you know you’re in for a great ride – cue Drive. Vocal harmonies hold their own in what’s otherwise riffs and hooks galore. Tried and tested, classical Wildhearts territory – it’s what Ginger does best. Cambria is heavy as heck, with definite notes of Suckerpunch in there. This track particularly showcases the drumming, with tempo switches throughout, and the female vocals adding an ethereal, space age to the piece.

Grow a Pair shows that Mr. Wildheart has a sense of humour as he professes, “I don’t want to be a dickhead all my life.” The chorus on Burn This City Down will no doubt get the sell-out crowds on the road chanting and shouting along with him.

The Order of the Dog, starts off as an instrumental piece –  it’s sweeping, atmospheric and glorious. Close your eyes and you might lose yourself. Just when you’ve been lulled enough, there’s Ginger with those distinctive vocals. Body Parts gives a definite nod to The Knack and their infamous hit My Sharona. This is an alternative love song, praising “your body parts”.

On After All You Said about Cowboys, we hear hints of The Beatles before we go on to Creepers. The album’s title track, Albion (coming in at over 10 minutes in length) is an explosive combination of The Doors, ELO, The Beatles and Pink Floyd influences. with 50s-style female vocals sprinkled on top.

There is simply nothing to fault in these ten tracks. If there were more than five stars to give, it would have them in a heartbeat!


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