Review: The Answer – Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh – 20th February 2014.

IMG_0169On a dreich and drizzly Thursday evening, there was one glint of hope on the streets of Edinburgh. Good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll was on the menu, if you were willing. And, really, who isn’t willing?

Local rockers The King Lot (***) kicked off the evening with an erratic set – the repartee was hit or miss, as were some song choices. Tight, undoubtedly, in their live performance, it seems their single choices circle love and that almost Jovi-esque ballad. Enjoyable, sure, but with grittier numbers like As They Burn in their repertoire, and strong nods to the likes of Velvet Revolver, it’s safe to say they really hit the ground running when their songs got down and dirty.

And, with that mantra in mind, it’s no surprise that The Answer (****) were set for success. New Horizon, an early set highlight from their latest offering, showcased the band’s brilliance in one swoop – the music is rocking but soulful, the band don’t rely on anything stage-wise bar their music, but they still command that audience. High praise indeed, when new tracks usually prove the lulls in live shows.

Cormac is a preacher of rock, with his conversation succinct but easy – “Are you ready for some rock ‘n’ roll?” seems misplaced on many a tongue, but here he’s akin to those who can rile a crowd with his sheer blast of enthusiasm. Not to draw comparisons to American, religious preachers, but you kind of feel like if The Answer was a church, you’d sure as hell be followin’ them.

See, as they run through their set in 2014, it’s clear their talents lie in feeling more of a classic. Their music speaks for itself, and their live performance is just a show to behold. It’s simple and to the point, but it’s got some real kick lurking beneath the surface. And, really, isn’t everything – even the most sublime incarnations of rock ‘n’ roll – made better with an Irish accent?

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