Review: Wrist Slitter – Matt Pryor.

matt pryorMatt Pryor is best known as the vocalist of pop-punk band The Get Up Kids, though he’s also been involved in numerous other musical projects of various genres, including The New Amsterdams, Reggie & the Full Effect, and The Terrible Twos. Since 2008, Pryor has also been writing and recording solo records, of which Wrist Slitter is his third release.

One of the most noticeable things upon listening to Wrist Slitter is its move away, sonically, from Pryor’s previous solo works. Where they were largely acoustic records with folk leanings, this is heavier, featuring electric guitar and drums more notably, and has a punk-rock edge – it’s more reminiscent of The Get Up Kids than Pryor’s solo material. The opening track, The House Hears Everything, kickstarts the record with an up-tempo, catchy pop-punk track with a driving beat and gritty vocals.

The album is packed full of energetic riffs, sing-along choruses and infectious vocal harmonies. Pryor also delves into more diverse musical genres: title track Wrist Slitter has tones of of Indian raga, featuring a heavy drone and a pentatonic melody. There are also still elements of folk, in tracks like the upbeat If I Wear a Disguise and the slower Foolish Kids. And the acoustic, finger-picked As Perfect As We’ll Ever Be tugs at the listeners’ heartstrings with lyrics such as ‘Alone in my head ’cause there’s no one around/I’m one step away from the brink’.

Wrist Slitter is by far the most sonically diverse solo album he has put out, showcasing his talent in songwriting across a variety of genres. The record shows that Pryor is constantly changing, evolving and experimenting with his musical style, all the while maintaining his ability to write high-quality, catchy and personal songs.


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