Review: You Can Do Better – Johnny Foreigner.

johnny foreignerWhen you get your ears around this fresh, punk-rock record with its super catchy vocals and glorious vocal harmonies courtesy of Alexei Berrow (guitar/lead vocals) and Kelly Southern (bass), the driving drumming of Junior Elvis Washington Laidley and the rhythm guitar courtesy of Lewes Herriot (also known as Johnny Foreigner’s visual artist), it’s hard to believe that Birmingham rockers, Johnny Foreigner, haven’t just sprung to life.

Here is a band that definitely does not sound like they’ve been around for years; their fresh edge made blindingly obvious on their up and coming album (set for release on 10th March through Alcopop! Records), You Can Do Better.

The opening track, Shipping, is a fusion of sorts, bringing together punk and the 1990’s genre, Britpop. There are hints of Steve Harley & The Cockney Rebel, Arcade Fire, Dananananaykroyd and The Wombats and this style runs throughout the album.

Stand out tracks include Le Sigh which boasts (as does the whole album) stunning female vocals. Riff Glitchard slows the tempo right down, creating a nice, mellow vibe until it slaps you around the face with yet another dose of punk, right at the end. It’s a complete surprise and a very clever one at that. Lastly, and with a title that would, alone, bring a cheeky grin to you face, Le Schwing, follows through with the fun, fast and frantic flow of the album.

Johnny Foreigner sound like they popped up on the scene mere months ago not almost a decade ago, with a real identity to boot. It seems that time has served them very well; very well indeed.


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