Review: Shadowed By Vultures – POLAR.

POLARWhen POLAR announced their signing to In At The Deep End Records and the subsequent release of their sophomore effort, Shadowed By Vultures, it was a sign that something big was coming. From a label that helped grow the likes of Gallows and Architects, it should have been obvious just how big this record was going to sound.

First Breath submerges the listener straight into what this album is about. It’s heavy, domineering and leads slickly into the audio assault that is Blood Lines. The initial taster from the album, Glass Cutter, was premiered on Radio One in October 2013 and still stands out as one of the best tracks on the album. “I will rise, you will fall, I am the water that fils your lungs”, screams vocalist, Adam Woodford. The emotions present on this album are blindingly raw. Black Days follows with a catchy chorus that sounds like it could  get a room moving with real ease.

It’s not all big roaring magic though. Before The Storm brings the album to a breathtaking halt midway through. The unexpected female vocals with a dramatic rise of music is pretty stunning, to be honest. The serenity of the track is then amped up and taken over as Mountain Throne follows. Title track, Shadowed By Vultures has a real weight and swagger behind it, before the swagger slows gently to soft piano keys which then blends seamlessly into Paradise, a graceful instrumental.

Create screams at the listener to, “Sing at the top of your lungs”, and imagining a room of people bellowing this back to the band at the top of their lungs is a pretty exciting prospect.  Our Legacy is the last chance for POLAR to impress – a chance which they grab with everything they have, leaving listeners suitably pumped up and ready to kick ass. Are you ready for POLAR 2.0?


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