Review: No Model (Single) – Ugly Love.

ugly loveUgly Love have nailed the trashy punk rock vibe. Their debut single, No Model, is no exception to this vibrant feel that they’re bringing back into the UK rock scene. Their style of music manages to evoke a nostalgia for the 1970s punk scene – which most listeners weren’t around to experience – whilst bringing a fresh feeling to the genre. This band aren’t setting out to please you, they’re out to rock.

Driving and catchy, Tom Adolph’s vocals ooze with charisma. “I’m no model, I look like I’ve been beaten in the face with a shovel”,  may not be the most eloquent of lyrics, but dang, it gets stuck in your head. If you hear any song this year that’s going to make you want to flail and get filthy in a gritty club, this is it.

No Model also boasts a slicker production than previous work from the band (having been co-produced by Tommy Gleeson, formerly of Slaves To Gravity) yet the infectious raw energy is ever present –  and ready to blow audiences minds wherever they find themselves on stage. With tours on the horizon in February and April along with a slot on the Introducing Stage at Takedown Festival – embrace this band now because 2014 has a lot in store for them.


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