Review: House of Gold & Bones – Corey Taylor, Richard Clark.

stone sourHouse of Gold & Bones is the comic book alternative to Stone Sour’s double concept album of the same name. The story follows a character whose life is full of fun but not necessarily substance. He’s at a crossroads in his life, and finds himself in a life surrounded by horror, without clear way of escape.

Also said to tie into Corey’s life, it seemed too good to pass up. His two own books are personal favourites, yet here it just didn’t quite work. The story itself felt flat. The illustrations at the start of each separate issue were stunning and dark, but from the actual story it didn’t quite hold that intensity.

It just was. It wasn’t bad, far from it, but it just wasn’t exactly all that it had been hyped up to be. It was simply okay. Some songs do spring to mind at different moments of the story, but for the most part it didn’t quite gel.


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