Review: Mindless Self Indulgence – Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh – 1st December 2013.

MindlessSelfIndulgence-10Do you give a shit? No? Do you love Mindless Self Indulgence? Yes? Well then, you’re in luck. The band hit the road in the UK for the first time since their fun-fuelled Kickstarter-funded album dropped, and Scotland were more than happy to hit the party.

But before fun truly ensued, bizarreness took over the evening. The Red Paintings (**) hail from Australia, but have their minds somewhere between Japan and outer space. With strong tones of Smashing Pumpkins and Brian Molko splaying their set, teamed with a truly stunning and talented string section, there was potential for something brilliant.

Yet, between the overdone Japanese attire (really just that of the singer, teamed with redundant R2D2 backpack), the sassy-faced aliens painting naked, white-painted, ant-headed ladies and canvases splayed across the stage simultaneously, it seemed too much. As part of a group that saw them multiple times on this tour, it’s so visually overwhelming that it’s easy to forget what they actually sound like between shows.

Thankfully, familiarity was just around the corner as Mindless Self Indulgence (****) took to the stage. Regular opener Shut Me Up as newbie Witness kicked things off. It was, as expected, all you could hope for, but with some new songs to sink your teeth into. The atmosphere of a Scottish crowd is one rarely rivalled, and through It Gets Worse, 1989 and Never Wanted To Dance, the Liquid Rooms never quite stood still.

An a cappella Bring The Pain was preceded by Jimmy talking into a fake microphone to ‘England’. Rage-fuelled shouting ensues. Interspersed with his Scottish accent (that sounds more like Gru from Despicable¬† Me), he brought the band back on stage for Ass Backwards. Jimmy has his robotic moves down as the set progressed, LynZ pulled her trademark moves with a sass few could rival, Kitty beamed at the back of the stage and Steve strutted around with his usual panache.

Mindless Self Indulgence have a standard. It may be a wild and crazy standard, but it’s a quality one nonetheless, and one that they always hit when put on a stage. Dicks Are For My Friends, Faggot, Bitches – culminating in Straight to Video – the evening soared to a close, signing and sealing a weird Mindless party. As was suggested at the end, we’ll meet again. But please, for the love of god, pick a warmer month…

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  1. The Red Paintings were god-awful. MSI, as usual, were on top form. I did, however, feel that aged 21, I was the oldest person there.

  2. Heather, I was at the Wolverhampton gig and you are absolutely spot on about The Red Paintings; I was reminded of The Smashing Pumpkins and Placebo immediately. I actually thoroughly enjoyed their set and their look; both unique and epic.

    MSI were bloody brilliant as always. It was a super intimate affair. You think you’re both old at 21 and 22? Well, try being 34 and realising you’re closer to the age of the parents that were there, cringing at the verbal abuse (albeit done in a joking manner) being dished out to their kids. If there’s one gig I’ve felt really old at, it’s this one. Still bloody amazing though!

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