Review: Black Veil Brides – Legion Of The Black.

legionUnless you’re as big as Iron Maiden or Metallica, there are not many bands in the music industry that can say that they have a documentary or a movie out for fans to enjoy. But 2013 has come and – love them or hate them – Black Veil Brides are continuing their road to world domination. In support of their new album Wretched & Divine, the 5 piece have released Legion of The Black, a 45 minute epic that portrays the story of the concept album in a way that only their fans could relate to.

Following the story of the wild ones and their battle against the world, Black Veil Brides have truly represented what they are all about now. They’ve come a long way visually and musically from their first record and have powered through all the hate and negativity to become what is one of the most talked about rock bands in the industry to date.

Legion of the Black has been directed by Patrick Fogarty – the genius behind Black Veil Brides’ music videos – and is full of intensity and emotion. It’s dark and powerful; with the tracks from the album acting as the complete soundtrack and dialogue to this film, fans are treated to not only a visually impressive piece of art, but a musically brilliant album showcasing what can be seen as some of the bands best work to date. With special appearances by one of the finalists from the US’ version  of The Voice, Warped tour regular and front man Andy Biersack’s girlfriend Juliet Simms, Aiden front man William Control as the voice of the F.E.A.R and a guest vocal from The Used front man Bert McCracken, the album itself is filled with musical treats that bring that edge to this album and help bring the story full circle.

Having only been released via Facebook where fans could pay $4.99 (about £3.40) to watch the film an unlimited amount of times for 24 hours, there will no doubt be fans around the world who had this on repeat all day. There will also no doubt be an unfortunate group of fans that were unable to watch this online at all, but until it becomes available again, Black Veil Brides’ new album has now been unleashed to the world and as always it’s going to get everyone talking.


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  1. i wanna see the movie sooooooo bad

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