Playlist of 2012.

Well, 2012 may always be known as the year Gangnam style happened, but – thankfully – there have been some banging tracks out there to make up for it. We’ve already posted our gigs of 2012, and our albums of 2012, but we thought we’d make a little playlist for you all that we think shows just how great 2012 was for music. Have we missed any out? Let us know! (Playlist embedded at the bottom for your listening pleasure!)

1. Don Broco – ‘Whole Truth’.
This track has to be one of the catchiest of the year. A prime example of how Rob’s accent is urging the same response of the likes of Tom Delonge’s nasal drawl. You imitate it. Don Broco made their hooks bigger, their music catchier and, in turn, it’s bigger. [Taken from: ‘Priorities’]

2. Papa Roach – ‘Silence Is The Enemy’.
We love Papa Roach’s new electronic direction, and there’s no finer example of their mix of their new sound with the classic Papa Roach swagger than this track. Big, bold, uncompromising – brilliant! [Taken from: ‘The Connection’]

3. Blood Command – ‘High Five For Life’
This band really came out of nowhere and caught everyone off guard. They’ve got a certain spunk and quirk that sets them apart and this is just one of the songs we’d highly recommend. Don’t let this band pass you by. [Taken from: ‘Funeral Beach’]

4. Hot Water Music – ‘Drag My Body’.
Not only did Hot Water Music show everyone how the hell you’re supposed to make a comeback after years, they produced this. On a first listen, you question how the hell someone can write a song so great. One a hundredth listen, it’s still got it. [Taken from: ‘Exister’]

5. Bury Tomorrow – ‘1603’.
Not only was ‘The Union Of Crowns’ a great release for the heavy British music scene, but it’s moments like this that show the diversity the band are capable of. A stand out track for being that little bit different and brave, we rather like it. [Taken from: ‘The Union of Crowns’]

6. Gaslight Anthem – ‘Mulholland Drive’.
There’s something about this record in general. You just want to spew superlatives and throw a million compliments at everything. We’d recommend the whole record, but, you know, it kind of defeats the purpose of the playlist. [Taken from: ‘Handwritten’]

7. The Menzingers – ‘Good Things’.
For fans of this record, “I’ve been having a horrible time” proved to be the lyrics that hooked you in. The first words we hear, it was immediately known that this brand of honesty and simplicity was something special. [Taken from: ‘On The Impossible Past’]

8. Gallows – ‘Last June’.
Losing an identifiable frontman can prove troublesome, but Gallows boldly continued with Wade at the hilt and this was the result. Aggressive, but different, this is definitely another great chapter in the band’s book. [Taken from: ‘Gallows’]

9. Soundgarden – ‘Been Away Too Long’.
Much like Hot Water Music, the grunge kings showed that a lengthy time away doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve lost your spark. Though the track title may have bordered cheesy, the band pulled it off. Welcome back, Soundgarden. [Taken from: ‘King Animal’]

10. Emilie Autumn – ‘One Foot In Front of the Other’.
We like theatrics and we like quirk, and Emilie Autumn provides both of them. Her album follows a deep rooted tale, one that you should listen to for yourself. This is our favourite – the album’s closer, an optimistic look to the future! [Taken from: ‘Fight Like A Girl’]

11. Slash – ‘Anastasia’.
This record saw Slash move on from his more experimental style, to honing in his rock ‘n’ roll roots alongside Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators and this is one of the highlights. Exciting and diverse – love it! [Taken from: ‘Apocalyptic Love’]

12. Dead Sara – ‘Monumental Holiday’.
2012 led us to discover many bands, and Dead Sara are one of those we’ve grown to love. Meshing their grungey sounds with an effortless rock ‘n’ roll feel, there’s more to this band than meets the eye. [Taken from: ‘Dead Sara’]

13. Lamb of God – ‘King Me’.
What a way to close an album. Bordering anthemic, this track brings in more ideas and elements than all those before it. Lamb of God pulled a blinder with this album, and it was a mighty send off. [Taken from: ‘Resolution’]

14. Amanda Palmer – ‘Do It With A Rockstar’.
As said, we like a little bit of theatrics to our music and Amanda Palmer is another lady who brings it. Mixing her lovable quirk with her rock attitude, the result is this big track. [Taken from: ‘Theatre Is Evil’]

15. Deftones – ‘Swerve City’.
This record was one of the triumphs of not only 2012, but the Deftones’ careers and this is the track that kicked things off in such a glorious nature. Step one to a foray into brilliance, this had to be included. [Taken from: ‘Koi No Yokan’]

16. Stone Sour – ‘RU 486’.
We enjoy a great sample here and there, and the opening gambit has stuck with us through countless listens. Luckily it leads onto a heavy onslaught that we can’t help but revel in. [Taken from: ‘House of Gold and Bones pt. 1’]

17. We Are The Physics – ‘Applied Robotics’.
We wanted to end our playlist with our local recommendation, Glasgow’s own We Are The Physics. Music can often be predictable and follow certain styles, but not here. Quirky and unruly, those who like unpredictability and wonderful chaos in their music should check these guys out. [Taken from: ‘Your Friend, The Atom’]

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