Review: Mindless Self Indulgence – Garage, Glasgow – 26th October 2012.

I’m going to level with you, dear reader. I like Mindless Self Indulgence; I like Mindless Self Indulgence a lot. Over three and a half years since their last tour, over four if you count the full line-up, we UK fans finally got them back and, dare we say, we gave them quite a reception. The four dates on this run were fantastic, but we’re here to tell you about our favourite – Glasgow – which we found better than all others in all factors bar one – the finale.

Following the pair of supports – The Dead Betas and Taking Hayley – the floor of the Garage was packed in anticipation. 8.20 is a ridiculously amazing stage time for a headliner, so as the lights dimmed and music blared bang on cue, the roars could have blown the roof off. First comes Kitty, sporting hair akin to a dazzling Pokemon as she smiles and waves warmly at the crowd. Next up, Steve, who forcibly staggers across the stage to collect his guitar. Next, bassist LynZ, who smiles so widely at the screams she receives. Then, shit gets real. The looming bass tones of ‘Shut Me Up’ echo the room and – BAM! – Jimmy runs out of nowhere, a hamster on acid, challenging photographers to capture an image of him standing still.

See, it’s that initial burst that sums up Mindless Self Indulgence, that immediacy in the crowd’s reception to that guitar riff that certifies they will always be loved and appreciated in a live setting. The crowd went fucking wild. Perhaps it’s the bias of being Scottish (though, I assure you it’s not) but that crowd was the best of the four to witness. Soaring through an ‘IF’ and ‘Tight’ heavy set, based assumedly on the recent re-release, the night was incredible. Even Jimmy’s a capella ‘Bring The Pain’ went down a treat. There could never be an accusation of MSI lacking it live. They themselves are the show, from Jimmy’s erraticism, Lindsey’s backbends, Steve being, well, the weirdly wonderful Steve and Kitty grinning and acting playfully at her kit. The stage is not a cage to this band. Jimmy dove into the crowd, LynZ surfed it, Steve crawled around in it. One day… One day Kitty will join them.

The fun is not reliant on their performance quality, however. It rests in the banter, the sick and slick sense of humour we’ve become used to. ‘Hit it like Chris Brown and Rihanna’, calls Jimmy, causing a collective laugh as Lindsey covers her face in shock. Throw your make up on stage? Suddenly Jimmy is the prettiest girl in Glasgow. We are assured, despite what Lady Gaga tells us, that we will never be famous. But one fan is offered an exception. ‘Anal sex,’ they say meekly into the microphone. ‘And that is why she’ll never be famous!’

Perhaps this review could use more structure, but maybe this unpredictable jolting between memories is suited for this band. As the band closed to the soaring ‘Straight To Video’, all bar one left the stage. Here is where Glasgow failed. Steve, Righ? took to the stage in Manchester to play Oasis covers, in Birmingham he brought fans on stage for a talent contest featuring singing and gymnastics and in London fans were brought on to jam ‘Shut Me Up’ and mime to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. But Glasgow? They cut Steve off! How dare you, Glasgow. How very dare you.

Levelling again with you, dear reader, I think MSI could have come on playing the spoons and we’d have still been happy, because it’s the charisma and personality they bring to everything that sells it. Luckily, they didn’t come on playing the spoons, they put on a fantastic show. No effects, no fancy quirks, just straight up MSI doing what they do best, they rock, they mock and they make everyone move. Don’t leave it so long next time, please? PLEASE?

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