Review: Slash – Corn Exchange, Edinburgh – 7th October 2012.

Getting straight to the obvious: Slash is iconic. When someone is transcends generations with their music, they can often dry up or completely burn out, but Slash is no ordinary musician. He doesn’t rest on his name and reputation to sell tickets, no, he surrounds himself with an equally fantastic band with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, one that can not only do old and new tracks justice, but put on a show to rival all others.

Starting at an early 8.40 timeslot, the sold out show erupted as the members took to the stage. The tentative steps into this evening of rock indulgence featured Guns N’ Roses big hitters ‘Night Train’ and ‘Mr. Brownstone’ and a duo plucked from his self-titled solo debut ‘Back From Cali’ and ‘Ghost’. These newer counterparts were met with the same avid response as the classics.

There are few compliments that can be said that haven’t been thrown around a million times before. Slash is a performer, his presence simply captivates a room. Myles’ vocals are incredible, one of the finest out there and they sound simply brilliant in a live setting. Each member of The Conspirators is amped with energy, so much so it’s hard not to be lured into the performance, and the tightness of the five onstage bantering and joking with each other.

Mid-set Myles took off, leaving Todd Kerns to take over vocals for a few tracks. Singing ‘We’re All Gonna Die’, Slash took to the mike for his first vocal offering of the evening, singing the lyric, “Pee on the ground.” Classy, Slash. Continuing through the likes of ‘Dr. Alibi’, his solo offering with Lemmy, and ‘Out Ta Get Me’, the crowd went wild under Todd’s vocal command. He’s a charismatic frontman when given the chance. Though, let’s be honest, he’s a constant performer regardless of role.

Myles returned to the stage, appearing to have taken the break to put on a snazzy waistcoat, and concluded the main set with ‘Anastasia’ and ‘You’re A Lie’ plucked from the new record ‘Apocalyptic Love’, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ and Velvet Revolver hit ‘Slither’.

See, you could have cut the set there and it would have still been one of the best shows of the year. But, this band do not to things by halves. Returning to close proceedings with a duo of Slash classics in ‘Fall To Pieces’ and ‘Paradise City’, the crescendo of the night came as massive confetti cannons coated adoring fans, the atmosphere by this point being absolutely untouchable.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. This band are as tight as they come. Individually, they all kill it – together they are on fire. Even an extended guitar solo, which often lulls a show, kept the crowd captivated. The set was pretty much all you could ask for, the performance would put most others out there to shame and the crowd responded accordingly. Best show of the year, without a doubt. Come back soon, yes?

5 Comments on Review: Slash – Corn Exchange, Edinburgh – 7th October 2012.

  1. Venue wasn’t great but the show was fantastic. You missed out that they played Sweet Child ‘O Mine.

    • Nope, it’s in there! Third from bottom paragraph.

      Do agree with you though – never really liked the layout of the Corn Exchange as a venue.

  2. Sorry, your right.

  3. John Lister // October 9, 2012 at 3:00 pm // Reply

    First time at venue an thought it was fine got a bit bloody hot at the end up but at my age bouncing around wi the teens aint the smartest thing to do. As for the band just amazing both Kennedy and Kerns vocals were top drawer, rest o band nice and tight an ole Slash himself aint too shabby these days. (last time and only time i saw him was with a wee band 5th on the bill back in 1988 at a little venue called Donnington) Sunday best gig of the year so far.

  4. Saw them last night in Manchester….so much energy…one of the best if not the best I’ve been to…and thats in over 35 years….and yes John it was hot!!!!!

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