Review: Halestorm – Garage, Glasgow – 23rd September 2012.

For some reason, Halestorm have been evading us. The last time we caught them live was back at Taste of Chaos with Disturbed and Papa Roach and that’s – crikey – almost two years ago. But, thankfully, those two years have been very kind to such hard workers and they’ve leapt from openers to well deserved headliners, and they’ve released a brilliant album in the process. Any surprise? Not really.

Supported by British duo Zico Chain and Heaven’s Basement, the venue was packed to the brim in eager anticipation. Kicking off proceedings with ‘The Strange Case Of…’ number ‘Love Bites (So Do I)’, the bar was set for the evening: it’s going to completely – kick – ass. It’s about now a handful of extreme superlatives would seem appropriate, and while that’s true it’s worth putting off for a paragraph or two.

What Halestorm have is not only an undeniable talent for what they do, but a connection that many bands lack. Aside from the natural family tie, there’s a chemistry in their performance that often evades others. From a delicate vulnerability shown as Lzzy takes to the piano for a song or two to the tenacious snarls she echoes across the room, there’s so many strings to this band’s bow that it’s difficult not to find yourself attracted to at least one element – or, like most, all of them.

They’re just a unit, and a damn good one at that.

Personally, the straight up rock tracks such as ‘Rock Show’ – a fantastic song by all accounts – prove stand outs; the sheer energy and atmosphere in those moments is the factor of Halestorm that lures me in the most. On the contrary, those more elegant moments – a mere vocal and piano number – are spectacular, the entire crowd hangs on every word. From Arejay’s drum solos to the crowd singalongs, through tracks including ‘Familiar Taste of Poison’, ‘You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing’ and ‘Here’s To Us’ – the feeling proved electric.

Halestorm were fantastic. They were more than worthy headliners that evening. Wonderful, brilliant, amazing – take your pick. Perhaps there’s a bias in being a fan, but then again perhaps it’s just my fantastic taste in music (just kidding – sort of). Jokes aside, the show was brilliant. If you do have the chance to catch them any time soon, we suggest snapping up tickets without a second thought.

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