Review: Slash – ‘Apocalyptic Love’

With Slash’s self-titled offering being packed with contributors from shock rock veteran Alice Cooper to Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, it found itself a record of real variety. For those familiar with the release, they’ll know that one of the stand out vocalists was Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge, so much so he embarked on tour with Slash to support it. Unsurprisingly, yet very excitingly, the duo joined forces for the successor – with the finished product being the brilliant ‘Apocalyptic Love’.

Where ‘Slash’ was more mixed, this is a straight up rock ‘n’ roll record. It has its more subdued moments and it has its down and dirty grind, but when it boils down to it, this has got that rock swagger written all over it. There’s a notable bounce in many riffs, proving addictive; ‘You’re A Lie’ urges you to move, to sing at the top of your lungs and lavish yourself in those guitar flaunts. This is one of those rare albums not merely constructed on great songs, it’s designed to flaunt the guitar element more than most.

There are some more romantic vibes musically, ‘Anastasia’ lures you in with an elegant classic guitar before it returns to an electric glory. ‘Not For Me’ has a similar theme – the graceful guitar styling introduces the track before it cranks it up to eleven, turning it into a ‘big’ number. There are many tracks that merit this compliment – the record simply feels huge, suited for soaring across hoards of adoring fans in a live capacity.

You could argue there are elements of past successes; moments are reminiscent of Guns N’ Roses, others have Velvet Revolver’s dirty grind, but there’s something new and exciting throughout. Teamed with Myles’ versatile vocal capabilities, their possibilities are endless and that’s an exciting prospect. A lot of records are anticipated, many are highly acclaimed, but there are too few releases that actively excite you about music.

This is one of those few releases that excites the listener; it relies on quality of vocals and the craftwork of their musicality. ‘Apocalyptic Love’ may be straight up rock ‘n’ roll, but there’s just something about it that transcends all others around it. Fantastic. One can only question where on earth it can be taken from here.

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  1. I agree but I think this will be a slow burner until it gets more recognition to those who are not die hard slash & Mules fans. With that said, it trumps anything from the axle camp.

  2. Sorry. I hate the kindle auto insert. Myles & Axl.

  3. This album took me by surprise. I had never really got into any of Slash’s solo work as I felt he was lacking, well, Axl’s voice on top. Myles Kennedy is perfect for Slash’s guitar. There are some absolutely killer riffs, too, Slash has nailed that clean-but-distorted sound and these two guys need to keep writing rock albums together. An unbelievably great rock album!

  4. This is average as far as I’m concerned. There’s a truck load of brilliant musicianship packed into this album but unfortunately it’s layered upon tepid, mediocre songwriting.
    Slash is a exceptional guitarist but I really don’t rate him as a song writer.

    One final gripe is the lack of bass in the mix, what’s the point in bringing a talented bass player if you’re just going to put it so far down in the mix that you can’t hear even the most obvious nuance?

    On a positive note, the tone Slash gets from his equipment is gorgeous. The solo’s he pulls off are deeply satisfying to listen to and I reckon that he could make an unbelievable album if he collaborated with someone who has a knack for decent song writing.

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