Review: Alkaline Trio – HMV Picturehouse, Edinburgh – 7th May 2012.

Alkaline Trio are yet another one of those bands from the era that evokes great nostalgia from our teens. While they still produce fantastic music, there’s an incredible quality to their live performance that draws out those feelings from years back; so much so a tour of theirs is always highly anticipated.

On the evening of their Edinburgh show, things did get off to a rather bumpy start. For one, the stage times seemed much later than you’d expect and initially, the wait dragged on. Openers The Dear & Departed had such poor lighting to those on the balcony that on occasion you were lucky to make out a silhouette at best. This is, in fact, a great shame because their music was catchy and enjoyable, but without anything to watch it felt a little disengaging.

Next up was Dave Hause. Much anticipated to many Trio fans who saw him at the Revival Tour, the atmosphere cranked up a notch. The audience warmed to him rapidly and rightfully, greatly helped by Dan’s appearance onstage for a song or two. The highlight, it must be said, was the pair of idiots in the crowd, whom Dave dealt with in such humour that anyone yet to be convinced fell wholeheartedly into the right track. For those already fans and those newly acquainted with Mr. Hause, this was the set that first turned the evening into a great one. It goes to show that a man and his guitar can still kill it.

At around 9.40, the trio that everyone had anxiously awaited took to the stage to an unfathomably explosive reception. Storming through numbers including ‘Time To Waste’, ‘Warbain’ and ‘Tuck Me In’, the band performed a stellar set to their adoring audience. Admittedly, the setlist wasn’t up to the standard of the last few times they’d played Scotland – more a personal preference – but all qualms on that matter were suppressed when Alkaline Trio killed it with their performance.

It’s this quality, the ability to dominate their stage, that shows exactly why they’re a brilliant band to see live. With this unbridled power, they completed the rest of their lengthy set with no dips in class. An evening of good humour and fantastic live music, it overcame the initial hurdles to make it a pretty great evening to witness.

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