Interview: Deuce.

Sometimes shaking things up a little and taking a new direction signals the start of a new, exciting chapter in one’s life. Take for example, Deuce of Hollywood Undead leaving his previous band to pursue his own solo project. While he faced some legal troubles in the immediate aftermath, his new album ‘Nine Lives’ is finally here and the man himself took some time to tell us all about it.

“Fresh and new ‘cause of all the new music,” he begins, touching on his year so far. “[I approached my record] the same way as I do on every song you know? Each song is about a different subject matter, different time, different thing, so I just hit it at that moment. Each song is a different experience – that’s mainly my approach on anything.”

“Deuce has his own signature sound,” he continues. “Deuce has a signature voice. As long as I do my thang people can recognize me really easily. Each song changes; some are more rock or more hip-hop or crunk or dubstep or rap – I’m not just a rock artist or just a hip-hop artist. So, you can just tell it’s me no matter what the song is. I have my own method, like a chameleon, I know what I’m doing and just do that shiiit!”

“The difference is that I could fully execute my vision this time,” notes Deuce, comparing this to his previous work in a band. “It’s not like last time where there were so many people, now its all Deuce. Before it was people who weren’t producers and not song-writers trying to change things, and now it’s just Deuce and I can do exactly what I want.”

How does it sound musically? “Panty-droppin’, show-stoppin’, flip floppin’, big-dick-layin’ jams.”

And lyrically..? “Panty-droppin’, show-stoppin’, flip floppin’, big-dick-layin’ lyrics… haha, no. This record is just about tellin’ it like it is, you know, like real things that happened, things in my life, haters, problems, personal shit, you know. Attack who I need to, let it all loose. It’s all based around Deuce’s life, real-life, real-simple.”

“This one is more real,” he continues. “The songs are better. It’s an upgrade from my earlier shit; each one of the songs are more real, more fun, more party, more rock, more sexy, and they react better live. The show flows better now.”

Recommended track: “’I Came To Party’ – that shit is a jam right there.”

He succinctly sums up his record as “sexy”, while adding “Deuce for President 2012” as for what to expect from the rest of the year.

To conclude, he simply says, “Just wanna say hello to all my sexy fans out there if you’re reading this.”

Want some panty-droppin’, show-stoppin’, flip floppin’ tunes? Then don’t miss out on this record.

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  1. Selena Setters // September 9, 2012 at 5:08 pm // Reply

    Oh my gosh Duece you are so amazing im dieing to get a CD by you but i dont know were 2 buy one!!!! Iv been looking everywhere!!! And iv only been lisenting 2 you for like a month and youve already blown my mind!

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