Review: Lostprophets album release show – Hippodrome, London – 2nd April 2012.

Lostprophets are a band who grew from clubs to arenas to headlining major festivals, managing to stay relevant in an industry that can love you one day and forget you the next. When you look at the grand highs of their career, the opportunity to see them in a humble club for an album release show is an opportunity you wouldn’t really pass up. And so, we come to their album launch show for their fifth album ‘Weapons’.

Treating a number of fans to a signing before the show, the atmosphere was rather electric as the crowd packed in. The only flaw from our point of view was that the venue wasn’t best laid out to host a show of this scale; many bulky pillars and the like made too many places impossible to see from. A small price to pay temporarily, a quick shuffle or push and you could see a tad better.

Much like their recent Koko show, this one had the benefit of no support. With people literally crammed into the floor space, the vast movement come the band’s arrival was a spectacle to behold. Numbers from their classic catalogue such as ‘Can’t Catch Tomorrow’ and ‘Burn Burn’ rendered the room an anarchic mess of sweat, bodies and crowdsurfers.

An album release show would, of course, not be complete without tracks from the album. ‘Bring ‘Em Down’, the mammoth ‘We Bring An Arsenal’ and ‘A Song For Where I’m From’ – which got its live debut that evening – went down a storm. With their usual banter (as we previously said, making everything better with a welsh accent), the show was as brilliant as a regular Lostprophets show in quality and energy, but it was more intimate, more crammed and just had an extra added vibe to it. Basically, it was fantastic.

As the band beamed at the audience and said thank you more times than we can count, it felt a great show to witness. It’s over ten years since their brilliant debut, and their definitive sophomore release marks its eight birthday this year; time has passed but the quality Lostprophets possess has gone nowhere. Bring on album number six!

You can view our video from the evening here.
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