Review: Rammstein – 24th February 2012.

Awesome? Amazing? Incredible? Mind Blowing? Perfect? So many words can be used to describe tonight’s show but none of them will truly emphasise how good it really was. German metallers Rammstein don’t come to the UK often, but when they do, wow do they make an impact for everyone to remember for years to come.

Selling out an arena that can seat up to 20,000 people is pretty impressive for a bunch of guys who can’t speak much English, but Rammstein have been around since 1994 and with 6 studio albums under their belts, they embarked on their “Made In Germany Tour” showcasing the very best of their hits from all their albums in just under 2 hours; kicking off in London, we were there to check out the action.

Supporting Rammstein tonight was Deathstars, a band hailing from Sweden with a gothic, industrial metal sound. For a support act, their introduction was pretty impressive and with similar sounding riffs and sounds to tonight’s headliners, you can see why they are on this bill. Suffering with what seemed like a few technical issues, Deathstars powered through their set with a good performance to get the crowd pumped for what was going to be a very memorable night.

To say that the excitement in the room was through the roof is probably an understatement. It was an agonising wait for the lights to go out at 8.30pm because like I’ve said before, Rammstein don’t come here often but when they do, you know they’re here. Darkness filled the arena and the roars erupted from the crowd as the introduction music echoed through the room…but where do you look first? Was it to the stage where most ordinary bands just come out and play? No because Rammstein aren’t an ordinary band. All eyes go to the ceiling because above the crowd was a bridge; a bridge that lowered ever so slowly towards the crowd with sparks and smoke shooting from its sides. Couldn’t keep your eye on that too long though because amongst the bottom tier of seats, one of the aisles lit up to reveal the band marching towards the sound desk where a second stage awaited them to raise them on a platform to cross that very bridge and make their way to the stage. With flags and a flame in hand, you would think these guys were in the military on their way to war; their discipline is astounding and they were most definitely in the zone. Already without even playing a note, they had marked one of, if not the best introduction I had ever seen to kick off a set.

The countdown begun and Rammstein broke into “Sonne”, one of their best known tracks from their career and so setting off their Made In Germany 1995-2011 Greatest Hits tour, quite literally with a bang. Over the next 2 hours, there was enough pyrotechnics, smoke and fireworks to put bonfire night to shame; with Till Lindemann, a now qualified pyrotechnician fronting the band, you wouldn’t expect anything less but for every song to have at least some sort of fire involved. Whether that be big balls of flame shooting from the ceiling or the ground during “Du Hast”, or microphone stands that were on fire, or gigantic angel wings on your back that released flames and smoke throughout “Engel” or even attempting to cook fellow band mates in giant cooking pots with a flamethrower, the ideas that come out of this band are never-ending and if you were to see them live, prepare yourself for a whole lot of heat.

A greatest hits tour wouldn’t be right without the classics being played; “Mutter”, “Mein Herz Brent”, “Links 2,3,4”, “Keine Lust”, “Amerika” and “Pussy” are to name but a few more tracks that filled this jam packed set list. It was quite literally 2 hours filled with pure rock ‘n’ roll, not just musically, but visually. To pin point highlights from the evening is just too hard because there were just too many and there aren’t many bands you can say that about these days. “Feuer Frei!” translated in English to “open fire” or “fire at will”, will always be one of the most popular Rammstein tracks live purely because of what it means and what you can expect…fire of course! Fire that shoots from flamethrowers attached to the faces of Till and guitarists Paul and Richard several feet into the air. It’s hard to not blink in case you miss something!

Fireworks shooting into the stage, keyboardist Flake crowd surfing on a rubber boat, band members crawling on their hands and knees being whipped, confetti cannons, a giant foam squirting rideable penis…Rammstein really do put on a show to remember and you can’t really fault them for anything. Their incredible live musicians, they’re brilliant showman, not to mention absolutely mental…they’re just perfect. Hands down, they have to be one of, if not the best live band around and if you ever get the chance to see this with your own eyes, like me, you will be talking about it for years to come.


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  1. Great review. I can only echo evertything you have said with bells on! I am truly grateful for being there, such an awesome gig, seeing anyone else live will be a total anti-climax!

  2. Kev wid lemon Dib Dab // February 27, 2012 at 1:24 pm // Reply

    Have I saw better bands, maybe ? Have I saw a better show, never !! Just looking at the video montage leaves you with so many memories and a big smile on your face. Some nights will live with you forever and this was one, I’m so glad to say ‘I WAS THERE’!!!

  3. I was just at their Anaheim concert, and it was the best concert that I have ever been to.

  4. dangerous dave // August 9, 2012 at 1:12 am // Reply

    yep i was there and agree with all you put, my only regret is i was in seating opposite the stage and the arena was just too big, would like to see them somewhere like the brixton o2 academy, however i will go and see them again only the Floyd could have ever done anything like this and that is a compliment to the rammstein show. Great well worth seeing

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