News round up: 9th February 2012.

Interviews: The Maine, Reel Big Fish, Don Broco, Orange.
Live photos: William Control, The Devil Wears Prada.
Live reviews: Reel Big Fish.
Reviews: The Menzingers ‘On the Impossible Past’.
Videos: The Devil Wears Prada, Reel Big Fish.

Jesse Leach rejoins Killswitch engage.
Following the recent announcements that Killswitch vocalist Howard Jones had parted ways with the band, the search for his replacement has already ended and, frankly, few will be disappointed. Jesse Leach, the band’s original vocalist, has reclaimed his position. The band said, “After much deliberation and careful consideration, we are pleased to announce that Jesse Leach has rejoined Killswitch Engage. Our job was to find the best person to fill Howard’s shoes: a decision based on talent and not familiarity. Truth be told, Jesse blew us away in auditions. The room seemed charged with electricity. He commanded both new and old material, and proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he wanted to do this. The choice became very clear and apparent.”

Jesse said, “It is a great honour to rejoin my brothers after all of these years. After some discussion and much reflection, it was obvious to me this was the path I was meant to take. We got together and jammed on the ‘Howard-era songs,’ as well as some Alive Or Just Breathing-era songs and we all felt the synergy. I look forward to writing the new record, since the demos sound absolutely amazing, as well as breathing new life and getting comfortable with the soulful songs Howard has written. It is a new chapter of my life filled with new and exciting challenges. I will give all that I can to honour the position I have been given and take nothing for granted. I will sing every note with all of my soul. I am very blessed and very thankful to be back in the KsE family! All things happen in their due time and now is the time for this reunion and new direction.”

My Chemical Romance talk album number five.
Speaking in a recent interview, Gerard Way has been talking about the band’s planned follow up to Danger Days, citing, “Going on 10 years now we love being in the band. It’s something you can never leave or escape or get away from, and that’s a great thing. The cool thing is we’ve spent a lot of time writing new material on the road this time. We didn’t do that before ‘Danger Days… I think [it’s down to] just not being burnt out. Really enjoying and connecting with making music again, just being inspired, whereas after ‘The Black Parade’ we weren’t inspired to do much at all besides disappear. Way has previously spoken about the album, claiming that the new record won’t just be a random group of songs. It can’t just be a collection of songs. It’s never going to be ‘Oh, we had these 12 songs so record it real quick and we’ll put them out!’. I don’t think anyone can really do that these days without some sort of thought or vision behind it. I think the days of just filling the time and putting a disc out is over, and I’m glad, because those are some of my least favourite records.” The band have also confirmed they are building their own recording studio back home to work on their new material.

All Time Low album half-complete?
It’s not been that long since their last release hit the world, but Alex Gaskarth recently told NME that their new record doesn’t seem too far off, saying, “I’m about halfway through the writing process for the next record. We got back from tour and I realised that I just had so much to say. I shut myself in a studio and wrote about nine songs. I’d like to write another 10 or 11 when we get back next time. A lot of what I’m writing is brutally honest to myself and I find that when you put that out there as an artist, people latch on it a lot easier. Our audience is smarter than people give them credit for, they don’t want to just be given noise and repetition, they want something real. This time around we’re going to go with one producer, one allotted time to make the record and we’re going to make sure it’s ready to go. I know that we’re talking about doing some of the festivals, particularly two that fall at the end of the summer, I know we’re shooting for those.”

No new Slipknot until 2013?
Speaking to Kerrang!, Slipknot’s Shawn Crahan (Clown) has been talking about the future of Slipknot, explaining, “We’ll probably take some time off. It could be a month, it could be a couple of months, maybe even a year. After that time, I’ll be over the immediate grieving process for Paul. I’ll never be alright with it, but that’s going to be enough time to get focused. The next album, it’s going to be serious. I feel that it will be a lot like ‘Iowa’, but it’ll be ‘for’ things, rather than ‘against’ them. ‘Iowa’ was against everything, even ourselves. But this next record, this will be for ourselves, for Paul, for his family. Slipknot fans: rest assured, we’ll be back. We’re not going anywhere. It doesn’t matter what you read. We’re still together and we’re going to be together.”

Deftones bassist showing signs of recovery.
Chi Cheng, bassist of the Deftones was seriously injured in a car crash back in 2008 is emerging from a coma that has seen him left unconscious for the last three and a half years. At present, he is able to respond to various commands and can lift his leg when requested by doctors. While this is a great sign, we all still send our well wishes to Chi and his family and hope his recovery continues to progress positively.

Metallica announce ‘Orion’ festival.
Metallica have announced the details of a festival, headlined and curated by the band themselves. Taking place at Atlantic City’s Bader Field on the 23rd and 24th of June, the band will perform the Black Album in its entirity on both evenings. This is the same as their performance set for Download Festival. Bands performing alongside Metallica include Arctic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold,The Gaslight Anthem , Cage The Elephant, Fucked Up,The Black Angels and The Sword.

Black Sabbath controversy with Bill Ward.
Following the announcement that Bill Ward was not happy with the Sabbath contracts regarding their reunion, the band have come out to say that they will continue without him but will leave the door open for his return. This, in turn, has led to a backlash on Ozzy’s wife Sharon Osbourne, who has been accused of sacking him. Sharon took to her Twitter to deny the rumours, saying, “I am not in any position to hire or fire anyone in Black Sabbath. I don’t manage the band, I manage my husband.” The full situation is at present unknown, as is who will replace Bill assuming this issue is not rectified.

Queen comments “taken out of context”
The internet exploded over the news that American Idol alum Adam Lambert was set to tour this summer with Queen and headline Sonisphere festival, yet the quotes used to ‘confirm’ this have been taken out of context. Adam Lambert took to Twitter to say, “Oooh them clever reporters takin my quotes out of context. I haven’t confirmed any guest appearances I was talking about the EMA’s.” However, this does not rule the option out. When interviewed recently, Adam did allude to the fact there was something exciting to be expected but he had promised not to say anything. So in reality, the quotes confirming this may have been taken out of context but it still looks pretty darn likely.

Seether tour and CD/DVD announced.
South African trio Seether will be releasing their CD/DVD ‘Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray’ on March 5th 2012, with the single ‘Country Song’ due on February 27th. The single was named the active rock track of 2012 by Billboard USA. The album was originally released in the States last year, but the UK version will include a host of bonus material – 8 extra songs and a bonus DVD. The band will be supporting Three Doors Down at the following dates:
March 2012
9 – HMV Picturehouse, Edinburgh.
10 – Garage, Glasgow.
11 – Academy, Manchester.
12 – Academy, Birmingham.
14 – Academy, Bristol.
15 – Hammersmith Apollo, London.

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