Interview: Rob – Don Broco.

“Loud, funky rock music that we guarantee will get stuck in your head”. This is how Don Broco vocalist Rob Damiani succinctly sums up his band. With the self-dubbed funky-rock foursome recently done touring with Four Year Strong across the UK, it’s a fair time to see how all is in the Don Broco camp.

“We’ve loved it,” says Rob, touching on the recent UK run. “It’s the biggest tour we’ve ever done and we’re really relishing the bigger stages and bigger crowds. With a predominantly pop-punk audience at the shows it’s also made it extra satisfying winning over new fans, as they’re not the people who might have checked us out if we hadn’t been shoved in front of them at the show! Before this we’ve loved touring with Enter Shikari, We Are The Ocean and Lower Than Atlantis all amazing UK bands and great guys. [Our performance is] fun and energetic. We like having a good time and dancing about and encourage our crowds to do the same. Lots of jumping around.”

“We want everyone to hear our band,” he continues. “While we’ve been blown away by what we’ve achieved off the back of an EP on the underground circuit, we’d love to get out and play bigger shows to a wider range of people. I think there’s something for everyone in our music.” Adding bands he’d consider it a dream to perform with, he says, “Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Blink-182, Incubus. Those were the bands that first got us into rock music and it would blow our minds to share a stage with them. Hopefully one day!”

“The summer festivals hands down,” notes Rob, speaking of his favourite parts of being able to travel as a band. “Sun is out, we get our tents pitched, play a show then get to party with all our friends the rest of the weekend. Doesn’t get much better than that! Reading Festival this year was a great moment in the band’s career and something we’re all very proud of. It was at Reading Fest as punters 3 years ago that we decided to start the band, and it’s the festival we always went to as kids which made it all the more special. The show and crowd were amazing; it’ll be an occasion we’ll never forget.”

”No idea if there are more challenges as this is the first shot we’ve ever had at trying to be successful!” he says, referring to the difficulties of being successful in the industry at present. “There certainly seem to be more ways of getting your music out there these days which theoretically should mean it’s easier, but along with that it means there are loads more newer artist coming out all gunning for the same things. There’s a lot of rubbish out there that we’ve encountered on the road, but occasionally you find an absolute gem. I think these days it’s about having the talent as well as the commitment. No one is going to hand anything to you on a plate like they might have in the past. You’ve got to work hard for it, and that can’t be a bad thing.”

While the band have garnered a lot of success from their EP, their first full-length release is due out this year. “We’d never done pre-production before so it was really great getting to play around with the tracks in the studio and refine certain bits, rather than going straight in and recording exactly what we’d written in practices. This way we got try out some different instrumentation on some tracks which is something we’d always wanted to do but never had the chance to. It’s a definite progression from the Big Fat Smile EP, so if people liked that they will love the album. The riffs are bigger and the songs are better, we’re very excited for people to hear it!”

“Currently it’s ‘Priorities’,” he adds, noting his favourite song from the upcoming release. “We played it live for the first time on this tour and it’s a lot of fun to play. In a practice we came up with this ridiculous dance by accident that made us piss ourselves so thought we’d try it out live and people seem to love it! Fans have dubbed it ‘The Walk’ and mark my words it’s gonna be bigger than the Macarena.”

“Musically we’re all huge fans of rock bands like Biffy Clyro, Reuben, and Deftones,” explains Rob, touching on the influences of the band. “Basically bands that can simultaneously slay killer riffs and killer choruses, and bands that throughout their careers have always been pushed themselves musically. We are also all well into our pop and hip-hop which is where I think a lot of our groove comes from. Lyrically I try not to write about any one thing too much, so the subject matter can be pretty varied throughout the songs.”

“[My] defining record would have to be Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Bleed American’.  I listened to that album every day without fail the summer it came out. Every track is a winner and it spans hard hitting guitars, really beautiful softer moments and incredibly catchy melodies. So good. Gig wise there was an NME tour I went to with Andrew WK headlining and Lostprophets main support. I was blown away. Way too much fun for one show!”

As for 2012? “As well as the headline tour, we’re already confirmed for 2 small but insanely decent festivals this year,” he explains. “The first is Takedown Festival in Southampton next month with Skindred, Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis and then in July we’re doing Redfest with The King Blues, Modestep, Young Guns and Kids In Glass Houses. The line-ups are amazing we can’t wait for these.”

Ideally, he hopes the year holds… “Our new album out-selling Adele’s back catalogue and the Bon Jovi World Tour. Gotta aim high! This year is going to be bigger than ever for us. Can’t wait to get cracking!”

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