‘Introducing…’ Housefires.

Housefires combine a mass of melody, aggression and chaos in their music that results in creations more than worthy of your attention. The band have been on the gig circuit since the tail end of Summer in 2011 and will be release their debut EP ‘Before The Ceiling Caves’ this year. It would seem the only for Housefires to go in 2012 is ‘up’ and hopefully you’ll be around for the journey. [Recommended track to open in a new tab as you read: ‘All Non-Conformists Drink Coffee (Before The Ceiling Caves)’.]

IS: For those who have not heard of your band, how would you describe yourself and sound overall?

Ollie: Like Underoath, Everytime I die and Alexisonfire, all kicking the shit out of each other.

IS: How did the band first start out?
Ollie: Nate saw Jimmy and Joe playing in an old band, who were having member issues, and asked them about starting a new band with him. After going through a few guitarists Ollie was found on a website. Callis’ old band then split up so we jumped on the opportunity to bring him in. Joe had known Callis for a while having met through old bands and knew what he could bring to the band.

IS: If you were to recommend a track to a new listener, which would you pick and why?
Ollie: I think we’d all recommend “If You Can’t Join Them, Beat Them” because it represents a lot of aspects of our sound – some heavy parts, some parts to sing along to, something for everyone. Failing that, “All Non-Conformists Drink Coffee”, because it represents everything we were going for with the EP.

IS: If someone was to come to their first show of yours, how would you describe your live performance?
Ollie: We try to keep things moving and we try to write a good set that flows. Then we try to move as much as possible. Stagnentcy is the enemy.

IS: What are your main influences, music or otherwise?

Ollie: As a collective we can all agree on: Alexisonfire, Underoath, Every Time I Die, At The Drive-In, Polar and Architects.

IS: Where, ideally, do you want to take your music? What is there to achieve?
Ollie: Moving people, or making people move. That’d be sweet.

IS: What are your favorite parts of working in music?
Ollie: We love writing music and we love acting like fools on a stage.

IS: Anything you’ve done to date that you’re particularly proud of?
Ollie: Our recently finished debut E.P. ‘Before The Ceiling Caves’. We are soo proud of it, and are extremely happy with how it sounds. Neil at The Ranch has done a sick job.

IS: Is there anything coming up that you’re looking forward to and people should watch out for?
Ollie: The release of said E.P. We’ve just got management and have some cool shows coming up too. We are planning on having a busy year. We’ll see what happens but we want to get to as many places as we possibly can.

IS: Instead of just learning about your music, everyone seems to have a defining: record and/or gig from growing up. What would you consider that defining point and why?
Ollie: King’s X at the mean fiddler! My dad took me for my 13th birthday present. Literally on the day of my birthday, it was a mega moment for me!
Joe: September 14th 2008 I saw Underoath at The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth. I wasn’t really into heavy music at the time but that gig blew my mind and changed my whole outlook on music.

You can check out more from the band at facebook.com/housefires and wearehousefires.co.uk

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