Review: Machine Head – 5th December.

In a week that was set to bring everyone to Scotland from Trivium to Def Leppard, Machine Head to Motley Crue, music fans certainly had their fair share of choices. Kicking off this Monday-Friday music extravaganza was Machine Head, headliners of one of the most anticipated tours of this year.

Following Darkest Hour’s opening set, DevilDriver took to the stage to the warmest response of all supports, only encouraged further by Dez Fafara donning a kilt for the occasion. As they seamlessly tackled their set from ‘End of the Line’ all the way through to ‘Clouds Over California’, the crowd were more than satisfied with their energetically anarchic performance.

With high morale after this musical offering, the evening did turn sour the moment Bring Me The Horizon’s banner was unveiled to a mass of echoed boos. While it would be naive to slander the decision to have them on this tour, one that Robb Flynn took to add variety, the atmosphere really did ruin what could have been a great set. To fans of Bring Me The Horizon, this was a fantastic set – evident from the energy conveyed from fans and band alike as they tackled ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’, ‘Fuck’ and ‘Chelsea Smile’ amongst others.

But a good set isn’t always enough to overshadow a crowd who simply do not want you there, and it’s a shame. The band gave it everything they had, fought against the critics and in the end found themselves retaliating with comments of “It’s been an absolute pleasure to support your favourite band.” Can we blame them? No. To the many that hated them, there was probably nothing more frustrating than seeing them carry on regardless with more energy and determination than most. While the atmosphere did hinder how to take their set, there’s definitely major kudos for Bring Me The Horizon for, frankly, not giving a fuck.

Admittedly, the majority were filling up the SECC for one band and one band only. With their fantastic ‘Unto The Locust’ released mere months ago, this was a true celebration of one of the greatest metal bands on the circuit and, in turn, possibly their greatest release. Opening their onslaught with ‘I Am Hell’ and ‘Be Still and Know’ – the opening two tracks of their recent flaunt – Machine Head had the crowd rendered untameable from the off.

Filling their set with tracks from ‘Aesthetics of Hate’ to ‘Locust’, there was simply no way of stopping them. Every now and then the band would stop, look at the crowd in awe and Robb would just simply say ‘Fuck’; an understandable sentiment. With their screen backdrop tying seamlessly with their set, it was just a real spectacle to behold.

As the band left the stage, returning for their two track encore, you couldn’t help but feel that ‘one of those nights’ was drawing to a close. Ending with the classics ‘Halo’ and ‘Davidian’, this was one final farewell that saw huge pits, mass crowd surfing and louder vocals than any other string of tracks throughout this set. As the band left the stage, there was no real way to sum it up – maybe we could just stare blankly at the stage they’d dominated and simply say ‘Fuck’. It worked for Robb, right?

The fact of the matter is that Machine Head are the finest there is. They more than deserve to be headlining arenas and, quite frankly, we don’t see it being long before they’re punted up to the headline spot of the major festivals. While there is still a number of shows you can end 2011 with, it’s highly likely that none of those will ever be better than Machine Head.

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