Interview: Ross – Twin Atlantic.

It has to be said, Twin Atlantic are one of the most appreciated home talents in rock since the rise of Biffy Clyro. While 2010 saw them support bands from Blink 182 to My Chemical Romance, 2011 saw them not only return to America yet again but sell out Glasgow’s Barrowlands, a small dream the band held. With their upcoming Free-ze Tour set to be the culmination of years of hard work, Ross McNae took a little time to talk Twin in 2011.

“[I’m] great thanks,” says Ross, speaking from the midst of their American dates. “Feeling quite tired as haven’t had the most sleep the last few days. We’re on the bus on our way into New York.”

While the band have been to America quite a number of times now, do they ever consider how much they’ve grown as a band to be able to do this? “I don’t think any of us have really thought about it like that if I’m honest,” he explains. “We’ve been over here a good few times now and enjoy it every time we come. I think we’re quite guilty of not enjoying the moment and looking ahead to the next thing before it’s even begun a lot of the time.”

“We’ve been really lucky this year with the response our record has received and the show sizes we’ve been playing have taken a bit of a jump in most places,” he adds. “So we all feel very fortunate but most of the time we have our heads down getting on with things; it’s only occasionally we actually stop and reflect. The tour coming up in the UK is the perfect end to our year as I feel we’ve really worked hard this year.”

As mentioned before, the band headlined Glasgow’s Barrowlands in their biggest headline show to date. Not only are the band continuing at that rough venue size at home, but it appears to have stepped up in volume too. “Well, as I was saying in the last question, we are all very excited about getting back out on a headline run of shows,” he notes. “It’s great to support people and play festivals as we’ve been doing since that Barrowlands show and that tour, but there’s something special about playing your own shows and we’re looking forward to the challenge of playing to more people. We pretty much approach every show as if it’s our own personal Wembley though so whether it’s a pub or a bigger venue we always try to put on the best possible show.”

“We’re going to be playing more of ‘Free’ than we’ve played before. It’s been a few months since it was released and people seem to have really taken to it so that will be fun. We’re dipping our toes into a few ponds we haven’t before too but I won’t give anything away.”

With this tour said to be years in the process, is this set to be one of the memorable tours of the band’s career? “I hope so, yes,” says Ross. “To date it’s our biggest shows as a headliner. We all have big aspirations and a lot more music in us though so hopefully it’s the first of many tours like this. It’s just exciting to get to take extra production into places to try and put on a show like the ones you went to when you were younger. All very exciting for us.”

Having witnessed the band play from the likes of pubs in Dunfermline to supporting Blink at the SECC, it’s quite spectacular to see the scale of success the band has achieved. “I think it’s only now and again that we really take a step back and reflect on how lucky we’ve been,” he explains. “We’re all very passionate about making music of all sorts and that takes up most of our time as we don’t want to stop here, but every now and again you have to think to yourself that we’re getting to do a lot of the things you could only really have dreamed of when you were first getting involved in making music and going to gigs.”

“[2011] is definitely our best year as Twin Atlantic and all of our collective best year involved with music,” continues Ross. “We’ve had some big chances in previous years but things have seemed to come together this year and we’re all very positive about the future.”

As for the future? “I really have no idea. I know we will be touring a lot more and we’re always writing music so hopefully there will be an album or new music of some sort. Just more of the same but never count anything out.”

Ending with anything he’d like to add, he says, “Just a big thanks to everybody has ‘Free’ and who has believed in our band whether you found out about us yesterday or four years ago.”

Twin Atlantic will be heading out on their Free-ze tour in a few days across the UK. Tickets are still available, but you must be quick! The dates and ticket sites are as follows:

28/11 –
CF10, Cardiff (
29/11 – Islington Academy, London (
30/11 – Haunt, Brighton (
02/12 – Academy 2, Birmingham (
03/12 – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (
04/12 – Club Academy, Manchester (
06/12 – Central Station, Wrexham (
07/12 – Cockpit, Leeds (
09/12 – HMV Picturehouse, Edinburgh (
10/12 – Academy, Glasgow (
11/12 – Forum, Aberdeen (
12/12 – Fat Sams , Dundee (

You can read our interview with Barry and Craig prior to their Barrowlands show earlier this year here.

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