Interview: Jake//Black Veil Brides.

Black Veil Brides are swiftly becoming that band that require no introduction. They’re on a quest for world domination and, quite frankly, they’re blowing everyone else out of the water in the process. We last caught up with Black Veil Brides half a year ago on their first ever trip to Scotland as they supported the mighty Murderdolls. Fast-forward to the present and they’re back in the same venue, not only headlining but selling out the premises with ease. Guitarist, Jake Pitts, took a little time out prior to this headline show to discuss being in one of the greatest musical forces of the world right now.

“Well I’m not drunk this time, so that’s good,” smirks Jake. Our last encounter over the summer was with a rather merry trio from the band. Turning to this tour, he continues, “It’s been amazing. Pretty much all the shows have sold out. The crowds have been awesome and we’re having a good time.” Touching on the sheer growth of the band since their last visit, he remarks, “It’s awesome… There’s really no other way to put it.”

If you were in Glasgow on this day, you’d most likely see an army of Black Veil Brides Fans lining Sauchiehall Street in their warpaint. In fact, it’s one of the biggest queues the venue has ever seen; Black Veil Brides fans are most certainly dedicated. “It’s a very weird feeling actually,” says Jake. “They get here so early and stand out there all day. I never did that when I went to shows. It’s very awesome; we love our fans.”

Between their UK debut alongside Murderdolls and triumphant return as headliner, the band performed at Download Festival alongside some huge names. Prior to this, Andy had said the band were excited to perform at such an iconic festival. On the flipside of this experience, how does it feel to have now played it? “It’s huge,” grins Jake. “You grow up wanting to play something that big and actually having played it is pretty awesome. You get to play with all these bands that you grew up listening to and now they become people we actually know and are kind of friends with… It’s just a really accomplishing feeling to have done that.”

In stark contrast to a metal fest in the cold fields of England, the band followed this appearance by playing across the US on the Warped Tour bill. “Warped Tour was really hot and tiring. But it was fun, we really loved it. We made new friends and gained a lot of respect from people who weren’t quite sure about our band. It was a good thing to do and I liked it, but I’m not sure whether I’d do it again. Too hot!”

“The production’s a lot better and the songs are better. I think it’s just an all round better record than the first,” laughs Jake. The aforementioned merry trio could only offer that their second album ‘makes guys a lot harder and girls a lot wetter’, which seemed amusing to remind him of. As for future music; “You know, we always have new ideas about future music. We just did an EP that’s going to be coming out in December and we’ll start recording the next record in a few months, probably”

At present, Big Cheese Magazine has the band emblazoned on their cover. Inside, Andy tells of how he believe it’s better to believe wholeheartedly in what you do at risk of sounding arrogant than to be too humble, even dubbing ‘Set The World On Fire’ ‘the greatest album ever made’. Is that something the whole band stand by? “Yeah,” Jake smiles. “I mean, I think it’s good to be confident about everything that you do otherwise what’s the point?”

Black Veil Brides are highly praised, but garner a lot of unwarranted attacks and criticism. To counter this negative attention, the heavyweights in music have come out in support of the Californian fivesome; Alice Cooper being a prime example. “Oh, it’s awesome,” beams Jake. “You know you’re doing something right when the people who’ve been around for 30+ years are telling us we’re doing it right, so. Everybody else will just be forgotten.”

Continuing in the vein of Alice Cooper, he’s quoted as saying a dark aesthetic is important because rock ‘n’ roll is losing that edge of darkness. Even a mere glance at Black Veil Brides suggests they agree with his sentiments over aesthetics. “Absolutely. Every band out now just looks like people that work at that Subway over there. You’ve got to look like a rock star and dress the part, you know.” In a step further, Alice Cooper equates those darker visuals to an on-stage character that he doesn’t hold when off-stage. Is this also something Black Veil Brides conform to? “Yeah, I think everybody has their own thing within the band and took their make-up style and did their own thing with it. There’s definitely characters that come out of us onstage. Jinxx gets scary; we just all go crazy out there. We just want to put on a good show.”

As 2011 is swiftly approaching the final stretch; how does this stand for Black Veil Brides against other years? “I think that in this year, we’ve done a lot,” explains Jake. “We’ve been touring the world, we put out a new record, we’re recording new songs. It’s gone by really quick but it’s been very successful. I definitely think it’s been a really good year for us; hopefully it keeps going that way!”

From here on in, where to Black Veil Brides hope to see themselves going? Jake smiles and says, “Just taking over the world, keep getting bigger and one day playing arenas!”

You can read our review from the show here and view our photo set here.

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