Weekly Recommendations #7.

This week we decided to pay tribute to some cover tracks. We’ve taken a few suggestions, mixed it in with our own preferences et voila! Naturally, there are thousands of cover songs we haven’t included, so if you think we’ve missed a favourite of yours – comment below! [View all previous recommendations here.]

1. Korn – Word Up. It’s one of those tracks that everyone seems to know the words too. Many I know picked it up through it being on the Dance Dance Revolution game years ago… Whatever the reason, it sounds better when done by Korn. Fact.

2. Richard Cheese – Rape Me. For those unacquainted with Richard Cheese (we spoke about mass confusion at first when he played Sonisphere Festival…) he’s the way to combine your lounge and rock/metal needs. Chances are he’ll have smacked his lounge music style onto a band you love, so check him out.

3. Atreyu – You Give Love A Bad Name. We’re not doubting that Bon Jovi are a pretty good original for the iconic track, but Atreyu do have a pretty quality cover too.

4. Zebrahead – Girlfriend. Having recently covered Zebrahead’s London show, we thought this would be an appropriate cover to include. Enjoy not only the cover, but the cover video…

5. My Chemical Romance – Common People. When they covered this on BBC’s Live Lounge, Fearne Cotton described it as a surprise. This, however, was not a surprise for the fanbase who had seen countless videos of the band playing this cover live. Good original, good cover – simple!

6. Black Stone Cherry – Rollin’ In The Deep. Admittedly, this is the first song to make it in twice. Adele has suffered serious radio-overplay, so finding a version of this song we can not only deal with, but enjoy is something worthy of making it in here twice.

7. Pendulum – The Catalyst. We’ve turned to BBC’s Live Lounge to see if there’s any quality in there for this week and came across this cover a Linkin Park track.

We’ve opted for only 7, although there’s clearly many, many more we could have included. Think we missed a good one? Comment and let us know.

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