Review: Charlie Simpson//August 9th.

With his solo debut ‘Young Pilgrim’ due for release later this month, it’s been a great opportunity for fans of Charlie Simpson to see another side to his talents. Taking a side-step from Fightstar for the time being, he has brought his solo project – one with a surprising amount of touring members – on the road for fan’s enjoyment. August 9th, when Charlie took to the stage to headline the Cabaret Voltaire, was set to be great.

Supported by Sebastian Dangerfield, the evening was started off in high spirits with some nice acoustic numbers and the band’s biggest show to date. Between their slot and Charlie’s appearance, a few girls started speaking of how they’d grown to love Mr. Simpson over the years. Some, unsurprisingly, dated it back to his original breakthrough and had seen him at every possible date since, regardless of bands. Others were very, very big Fightstar fans and were eager to see what Charlie was doing now.

Regardless of what brought people to this show, the anticipation was high. As the lights dimmed, the cheers resounded as band member after band member walked on stage… Quite funnily, you’d hear “Is that Charlie?” with every second band member or so who appeared, especially those of a taller stature. When Charlie did surface, however, the underground room simply erupted.

He stated that he was excited for the new album to come out and wanted to play some tracks for everyone, some heard of and others not yet posted. Admittedly, a highlight was hearing ‘Down Down Down’ being played live – the first track posted from ‘Young Pilgrim’. Throughout every track, even the previously unheard ones, a rapturous response was granted – and rightly so.

Acoustic shows are always a little calmer than regular shows. There was no Fightstar-style pit or response, but it was definitely a good, nice show. It’s been great to see Charlie back on the road with something new and – to those yet to hear it – has certified the excitement for his pending release.

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  1. good review.
    This was such an amazing gig and Charlie always plays perfectly. Glad to see him back.

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