Review: Blink 182//’Heart’s All Gone’.

“Dare we say that Blink 182’s new album is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year?” was our opening gambit as we reviewed the first track posted from their new album, ‘Up All Night’. We stand by that statement: Blink 182’s new record is going to be one of the biggest records of the year. The other question we asked was “Will the album be more of the same or more experimental with sounds?” Thanks to the trio posting a new track – ‘Heart’s All Gone’ – we think we can now answer that.

With their first track sounding very similar to Angels and Airwaves on a first listen, their new track is reminiscent of someone completely different. Frustratingly enough, we can’t pinpoint what song it reminds us so strongly of but suggestions have included elements of Bad Religion’s ‘Better Off Dead’ or NOFX’s ‘We Got Two Jealous Agains’. Whether that’s what we had in mind or not, we’re not sure, but the point is that as we listen to the new Blink 182 tracks, we can’t help but equate them to other bands at various points.

Granted, at a first read that may sound like a resounding criticism but it is not. Angels and Airwaves are a very, very different band from Bad Religion or NOFX and – from this – it’s assumable that their album varies greatly from track to track and pushes for more experimentation of Blink’s sound. This track is, from a personal point of view, superior to the first song they debuted.

Blink 182 had a major task on their hands. They had to create new music that kept the core of Blink present whilst pushing forward in terms of musicality. No one would have necessarily criticised a ‘Take Off Your Pants and Jacket – Part 2’ musically, but there’d be an unquestionable level of disappointment for regurgitating old tracks with no sense of growth. From these two tracks previewed so far, we’d suggest ‘Neighborhoods’ will be quite the studio comeback for the trio.

You can listen to ‘Heart’s All Gone’ here.

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