Review: Japanese Voyeurs//’Yolk’.

There’s a common theme you’ll see in most descriptions of Japanese Voyeurs in terms of comparison: Daisy Chainsaw. Undeniable as that is, Japanese Voyeurs are the newer incarnation – perhaps – but far from a replica. With heavy grunge, rock and metal elements mixed throughout, the band team Romily’s innocent and devilish vocals with anarchic riffs to present their untamed, fantastic debut album ‘Yolk’.

‘You’re So Cool’ kicks off their debut with a heavy riff as delicate vocals tackle the verse. Musically, the band maintain the same level of versatility as the vocals; quiet, eruptive, eerie, brash – they cover it all. ‘Dumb’ flaunts the more aggressive vocal diversity with an eerie air around the verses as the more violent twist takes over in the bridge. ‘Cry Baby’ is one of the catchiest the album has to offer – something those who have seen the band live can also attest to. The raw vocals, again, sell this track as they tune perfectly to the lead guitar hazily in the background.

It’s an undeniable note of repetition in praise. Vocally, the band have a very unique point of attack and, quite frankly, the stark contrast in delicacy and aggression that Romily presents is well and truly astounding. Gruff guitars and drum beats flaunt the band’s USP in creating hard-hitting track after track.

‘Double Cheese’ starts with a heavy-beat guitar lick, musically pleasing the ears in an outbreak of hard-faced rock. This track, like others, flaunts the complimentary relationship between the instruments and Romily’s unique vocals. With such fluctuating vocal range, Japanese Voyeurs have understood that the music has to reflect her capabilities and deliver this with a startling perfection.

“I only want to be an animal” repeats in ‘X-Ray Ted’, which is clear from the eruptive vocals and destructive musical kick. The album’s closing track – ‘Blush’ – fades in before a parting music explosion. Concluding ‘Yolk’ with a high-energy final soirée and chaotic array of sounds, Japanese Voyeurs have certified their debut as something wonderful.

Versatility is the main flaunt of the album. With unbridled vocals and lawless instrumentation seamlessly working together, the sense of pushing the boundaries and captivating the listener’s attention shines through. It is simply explosive and confirms that Japanese Voyeurs are a band to watch out for, especially with this debut under their belts.

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