Review: Blink 182 //’Up All Night’.

Dare we say that Blink 182’s new album is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year? Well, it’s true. After a long wait for fans, the pop-punk threesome have dropped the first hint of what to expect with their three minute track ‘Up All Night’ and, quite frankly, it doesn’t necessarily give much away.

On a first listen, it sounds more Angels and Airwaves than just Blink 182. This, of course, doesn’t deter from the quality of the song by any means. Reminiscent of ‘Always’, Blink have captured a culmination of sounds – be it Blink, be it AVA – and mashed them together to create what could be the new generation of their sound.

Being the first new album since 2003’s self-titled album, it would be naive for anyone to expect an identical sound or flat-out continuation of where they left off. With 8 years of life-experience to draw from between Blink records, they’ve definitely got a lot of options on where to go musically and what to deal with. Mixing new elements, one being a notably heavier opening riff, Blink have certainly riled excitement within the fanbase as they test out new sounds. A good track, yes, but whether or not their new album will continue this vibe or be a culmination of experimenting is yet to be seen.

Not heard the track already? Don’t worry, you can listen to it HERE.

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  1. I agree with what you said on not expecting it to be identical to their old stuff; as you said, it’s almost a decade later. Yet still, I do quite like the song. Like you, I don’t know how the rest of the tracks will turn out, so am definitely looking forward to hear their new album.


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