Interview: Introducing ‘Die Pretty’.

We’ve long been considering doing ‘Introducing…’ articles and finally decided to go for it. Edition #1: We’ll be introducing you to the American quartet Die Pretty.  To give you something to listen to as you read, check out their track ‘Medicated Nation’ here. The band’s guitarist Skip took a little time out to give us the crash course 1.01 on who Die Pretty are and what they’re all about.

IS: For those who have not heard of Die Pretty, how would you describe your band and sound?
I think our sound is a blend of pop and alternative rock. There are elements of pop because of the hooks, riffs and choruses and the rock comes from our instrumentation with guitars and having a big full rock band sound.

IS: How did the band first start out?
My sister (Sarah – Bass/Vocals) and I had just finished writing some new tunes and were currently looking for another guitar player and a drummer. We met Tommy and Angelo at a coffee shop and it took off from there.

IS: Has music always been something you wanted to work in?
: Yes, growing up brother and sister in the same house, we always had music in our homes and lives. Our parents were musicians as well, so we were surrounded by it, it was very organic.

IS: What exactly do you want to achieve from your music?
Skip: Self expression from the music and lyrics is always a priority and you want people to hear that. You want people to know where you come from. But in today’s age, there’s so much else that people can focus their attention on (videos, computers, internet etc…) we would love it if everyone just enjoyed the tunes we put out.  If they can take on more of a meaning for a listener, and take them away from reality for 2-3 minutes, then that is just icing on the cake.

IS: If someone was to come to their first Die Pretty show, how would you describe your live performance?
Very energetic, loud, in your face. I think we are a live band meaning our songs are more enjoyable live then on record.

IS: If you had to recommend one song to a new fan that ‘sells’ or ‘sums up’ your band, what song would you pick and why?
Our song Voices (which we made a video for as well) would sum up Die Pretty. It has a catchy hook, it rocks and has a heartfelt melody and message throughout. [IS note: You can watch their video for ‘Voices’ here.]

IS: Who are your musical influences/favourite bands?
It goes in waves: 70’s – Zepplin,Neil Young, Blondie.
80’s – Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, Social D, Motley Crue,
90’s – Nine Inch Nails, and the So cal Punk Scene (Green Day, Pennywise, Bad Religion, NOFX, Goldfinger, No Doubt, Tsunami Bomb).
Present – The Sounds, Shiny Toy Guns, AFI.

IS: Instead of just learning about your music, everyone seems to have a defining: record and/or gig from growing up. What would you consider that defining point and why?
I saw Neil Young play with Crazy Horse when I was in 8th grade. That was great. Also I watched Green Day on TV have a mud fight at Woodstock 94′. Both happened in the same summer. I was like, “Oh yeah, I wanna play guitar”

IS: Is there anything coming up that you’re looking forward to band-wise and people should watch out for?
We will be in Music Connection Magazine in August. Also we have two videos out now from our new EP “Battle Over Brooklyn.” They are “Voices and Medicated Nation”. We have another video for “7th Ave” coming out later this summer.

Visit for more information on the band!

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