Favourite My Chemical Romance album.

We’re in the middle of another MCR giveaway and we hopefully have many more for you… We know the MCR fanbase is huge, so we want to know what your favourite My Chemical Romance album is (vote on the poll) and why that is (comment below and tell us). The results may help decide our future giveaways based on the more popular eras, so give us your opinions!

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9 Comments on Favourite My Chemical Romance album.

  1. I love all My Chem’s albums but I voted Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge because it was the first album release I was around for. I was an angry thirteen year old at the time and putting on that album just made me feel a million times better about myself. I had never seen theatrics and storylines in albums before and I just loved it. The album really helped shape who I am today and when I was sixteen I got the cover tattooed on my arm with a fake ID.

  2. I voted for I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. I feel that it’s the most raw of MCR’s albums and while I adore all of them, Bullets just seems like the least processed. Whenever I listen to it, I’m inspired. Sometimes I’m brought to tears by lyrics like the ones in “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville” or “Demolition Lovers”. Those songs seem like such pure, honest emotion. The band’s sound may have still been in its experimental stages during Bullets, true, but I love that about it. I love the “rough around the edges” sound. I love the album artwork as well as the music videos from that era. I’ve searched for so long trying to find another album like Bullets and found nothing. It’s one of a kind and I will forever adore it for everything it is. 🙂

  3. I couldn’t decide between Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and the Black Parade but I decided the Black Parade is my ultimate favorite. I know every word to every song. It’s what hooked my on MCR. It’s also the CD that me and my little sister have bonded over. We spend time discussing the songs and the lyrics and the guitar and bass and percussion parts. It’s just great. I loved the Black Parade. :]

  4. battery bomb // June 27, 2011 at 4:55 am // Reply

    I picked the black parade because it really showed the band’s ability to go the the rough and produce something powerful and honest. Plus the lyrics really made the world turn and acknowledged the uglier sides of life (and death).
    Plus mama kicks ass.

  5. I like all of them,MCR is a great band.
    But probably the album wich I liked more is The Black Parade,because it was the first time that I’ve listened to MCR and have pretty songs.My 2 favourite album is Three cheers

  6. Honestly, i really cant choose between Black Parade and Danger Days…but i chose Black Parade cause i’m more attached to it..

    The songs in Black parade really communicates with me and the music, God, is indescribable and kick-ass! i know every single detail of the songs, and i also love it cause the black parade is when everybody in the band were having problems and i personally think Bob Bryar’s drumming skill is totally highlighted in this album!!

    As for the lyrics, i love the lyrics, they are more matured and complicated, and the drama and the concept (plus Gerard’s art) are just extraordinary. who would have ever though that the afterlife can be represented as a black parade..and looking back at the concept, the whole thing is how life is hurting and ending, it begins with The End and ends with Blood. it really expresses life through its toughest with great flair! one can never be crystal clear of the meanings of some songs like Sharpest Life ,which makes it even more exciting and intriguing, thus is the reason why it’s irremovable form my head…

    but i love Danger days concept the best! Men vs. Capitalistic machinery scarecrows.

  7. unbekannte // June 27, 2011 at 4:15 pm // Reply

    When I’m reading those comments… and looking at this poll… I think “DAMN! Am I the only weirdo here cuz I really CAN’T pick my fav??” It’s impossible to choose… depends on my mood & current life experience ;o But I like every single song and can’t choose. Just like that. That would be an insult to other great albums :O

  8. Sophie Harris // June 28, 2011 at 10:32 pm // Reply

    I love all Albums of MCR but I put the first one because it is the making of them…without that album there’d be no MCR so that’s why i put that one, i can’t choose a favourite because every MCR song makes me feel different but always better and happier. MCR FOREVER!!!!!!!

  9. I voted for Three Cheers, but I think it’s out of nostalgia more than anything. I adore every single album MCR have done, I love all four of them in different ways and for different reasons. For me, they are a band that continue to grow, develop and challenge not only themselves or their fans, but what the wider world has come to believe about rock music and what it is capable of. But as much as I love the other albums, Three Cheers will always be the album that changed my life, so that’s why I voted for it 🙂

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