Review: Twin Atlantic//May 6th.

If you swung by the Barrowlands on May 6th, you may have caught a glimpse of an orange van parked next to the growing line outside. It’s not very often you can say that the headliners of a sold-out Barras show are rolling up in this type of vehicle, but this is the case for the four guys of Twin Atlantic.

This band have toured America for months and supported the likes of Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance, but the most humbling realisation about this band as that even though these events happened in the last year alone, they consider their greatest achievement to date being able to sell-out and headline this very venue in their home city.

It is with these simple facts in hand you really begin to understand how exceptional this show is going to be for both the band and fans alike. With the support of Irish band Fighting With Wire and Scottish amalgamation of influences and styles The LaFontaines, the jam-packed venue is more than certainly warmed up. There’s seemingly nothing more effective at riling up the crowd pre-Twin Atlantic than a brash Scottish accent egging the crowd on and speaking so highly of the headline band.

As the wait between supports and Twin Atlantic begins, you are left with an overwhelming heat from the mass of bodies.  With an already explosive reception to the supports alone, it is unsurprising to see the full venue leap into action at Twin Atlantic take the stage to the title-single of their new release ‘Free’.

With their lengthy setlist perfectly teaming old and new tracks alike, Twin Atlantic definitely got the show they hoped for, citing themselves via Twitter “tonight is a dream come true.” The foursome seamlessly tore through tracks from their catalogue including ‘Lightspeed’, ‘Human After All’, ‘Yes, I Was Drunk’ and ‘A Guidance From Colour’. The sheer volume of lyrics screamed by fans during the likes of ‘Audience and Audio’ could genuinely knock you for six.

Like many who go to see Twin Atlantic, you may have seen them in varying venue sizes from local pubs and clubs up to arenas in support of other bands. What is clear is that regardless of where you see them, this band are undeniably proud and passionate about what they do and there was no clearer example of this than watching them dominate the Barrowlands from start to finish.

It was truly an exceptional show on Twin Atlantic’s part and one that will, surely, be remembered as one of those defining shows for both the band and fans to look back on.

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