Scrapped My Chemical Romance songs could see the light of day.

Speaking to RockAAA, My Chemical Romance guitarists Frank Iero and Ray Toro discussed the songs that were infamously scrapped, causing the band to return to the studio and record what is now ‘Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys’. Frank Iero claims:

“Just last week I started playing on one of the computers backstage and some of the tracks which we had on the last attempt at the record were on it and we were humming them back and forth and thinking they were really good. At some point it would be nice for some of them to see the light of day but there is no plan for that at the moment.

Right now they are just for us but I actually did have this idea when we were making the record. I said ‘I have this great idea that we should record two records and release one and put the other away in the vault so when the band breaks up so it would be the last MCR record ever’.

We thought that would be fun and we kind of did it but I don’t know if it is going to be our last record.”

Ray Toro also shared his thoughts on the unreleased tracks.

“There are definitively songs that I miss on that record and that was probably the hardest part when we started writing Danger Days as we started to realise that some of the songs we had written didn’t necessarily fit anymore.

I definitely remember that was a little bit of a struggle as we had to say goodbye to those songs – especially when you like them too.

We finished the first time and we had run out of time which meant we were in the mixing studio with songs which weren’t quite done. At the same time we still had songs we wanted to write but we put that on hold and went to the studio and we wrote ‘Na Na Na’, ‘Vampire Money’, ‘Planetary’ and ‘Sing’.

And once we finished ‘Sing’ I think that was the defining moment and we knew we liked them better than the 20 or 30 songs we had finished so we had to ask ourselves what we were doing.

If we had come to that realisation before finishing those four songs I think it would have been very scary but we were so happy with the path that we were on at that point that it just made sense.”

The only glimpses of these possible songs that you can find are on Youtube. In July 2009 the band performed a club show in Los Angeles where they played ‘Death Before Disco‘ (now Party Poison on Danger Days), ‘The Drugs‘  and ‘Kiss The Ring‘. Again, all credits to RockAAA.

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