Review: Taking Dawn//February 7th.

After the biggest year of their careers in 2010, Taking Dawn have taken 2011 head on by embarking on their first headline tour across the UK. On February 7th, you will find them on their final date of tour; planning to undoubtedly tear King Tuts to shreds. Mission status: Complete.

With support of Glaswegian Only Guilty Man and A Torn Mind, Taking Dawn took to the stage of King Tuts Wah Wah Hut just shy of 10pm to a ready and raring crowd. For a first timer at a Taking Dawn show, I had no idea what the next hour would hold, but expectations were certainly high.

The ties to 80s rock and roll you hear through their album ‘Time to Burn’ is clearly evident as the band storm onstage with their long locks, band patches strewn across their clothes and their shredding guitar. The crowd immediately explodes. Without hesitation the band tore through songs such as ‘Like a Revolution’ and ‘Time to Burn’, hearing the crowd roar as “Halle-fuckin’-luljah!” struck.

The band make no secret of the fact they want to put on a ‘show’, not just a performance. Without money for production, their props are themselves and needless to say in that hour they put in every ounce of energy you could ever ask for from a band. High energy, jumping into the crowd, typical simultaneous head-banging – the band barely stay still.

The main highlight, dare I say it, is actually between songs. Frontman Chris is nothing but an entertainer. At one point, while sorting his guitar, he begins talking merrily to the crowd, declaring, “It’s just as well I know how to talk to you otherwise you’d just be watching me fiddlin’ with my bits.” Naturally, the laughter echoes around the venue. It’s fair to say his quips are almost as enthralling as the show itself… almost.
The title of ‘Well that’s new…’ of the night came in the form of the “sheep lovers of Scotland” not chanting their usual words, but “Baa” instead. The bar was raised immediately as he proudly declared he had the whole Newcastle crowd quacking at the top of their lungs the previous night. With a smile, Chris turns to the crowd and says, “Now that’s a sheep I wouldn’t fuck with.”

It’s pure and simple: the band aren’t here to fuck about. They’re straight up about what they do – they entertain. Be it through skewed humour or a sensational live presence, this band are destined for big things and I’m willing to place good money that you’ll be seeing them going far in the next few years.

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