Sing//My Chemical Romance review.

Through the release of their much anticipated fourth album ‘Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys’, My Chemical Romance have made their triumphant return to music and, with it, completely reinvented themselves once more. Performing this time with a more futuristic and upbeat concept, they have blown fans away with a new, colourful incarnation of themselves.

Released in the USA in November, the band’s latest single ‘Sing’ is available on UK shelves as of January 10th. Taking a step away from other up-tempo, catchy tracks My Chemical Romance have laid down on the album, ‘Sing’ takes a more epic approach, building up throughout into a climax and claiming the title of the ‘anthem of Danger Days’.

The song embodies the maturity of the band – pure and simple. Without drowning their lyrics in the dark imagery and sweeping metaphors we may be used to, the band merely state, “Sing it for the world, you’ve got to be what tomorrow needs.” The song simply seems to imply the importance of music, a message the band have promoted through their lifetime and a sentiment their fans mirror wholeheartedly.

The video for Sing, viewable on My Chemical Romance’s Youtube, ties the song into the comic-esque story the band aim to tell in their “trilogy of videos”. It follows the Killjoys on their journey to save a young girl captured by Better Living Industries, a corporation dedicated to structure and keeping life monochromatic.

Much like this song suggests music to be a tool of empowerment and escape, the journey the band go on to save the young girl almost reflects the ‘epic’ vibe created from ‘Sing’ and the idea of music as an escape from reality. The band, being the colourful beings in a city of black and white, break the mould of what is normal and accepted.

The band have essentially pushed the boundaries with their new music and, personally, I find ‘Sing’ to be the epitome of simplicity and grandeur in one. It’s all down to interpretation. The first phrase we ever saw from the band in their Danger Days teaser was “Art is the Weapon” and art is very subjective. This entire project from My Chemical Romance centres on art, imagery and pushing the boundaries on what they had previously created and where they aim to be.

In terms of the album, I’d definitely consider My Chemical Romance’s new single one to be deemed an ‘understated masterpiece’ in their future.

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